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The Second Death Anniversary of Benazir Bhutto (BB)

The Second Death Anniversary of Benazir Bhutto (BB)

The following article was written on the first death anniversary of Benazir Bhutto, the illustrious late chairperson of the ruling party, PPP. The questions raised in the article are as relevant on her second death anniversary as these were on her first anniversary. Time flies but the PPP rank and file from top to bottom have shown no concern to unmask her murderers that her spouse the incumbent president of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari has publically acknowledged of knowing them. It’s overdue for the PPP and especially president Zardari to bring the heinous criminals to justice. The studied indifference and eerie silence on the part of PPP leaders is simply mind boggling. Why the PPP is disinterested in probing Benazir’s murder and shuns even talking about the case? Is there more than meets the eye?

Who Killed Benazir Bhutto?

By Saeed Qureshi

December 27 is the second death anniversary of Benazir Bhutto, the Chairperson of the Pakistan People’s Party and the wife of Asif Ali Zardari the President of Pakistan. Two years ago, she was killed in mysterious circumstances after her address at the Rawalpindi Public rally. It is still to be concluded whether she was killed by snipers or by the mammoth blast that killed scores of others. Besides filing of an FIR after much of hassle and arresting some youngsters, there is no other progress in sight to unearth the plot, the plotters and the identity of the assassins of a remarkable political icon.

Referring the case to the United Nations for investigation has further delayed the probe and perhaps placed the emergent matter indefinitely on the back burner. The ruling PPP has seldom issued any updates on the development or progress with regard to the probe that in fact should have been conducted with a sense of utmost urgency and due speed. It appears no one is truly serious in the party echelons, about assassination of BB for unexplained reasons.

To mark her second death anniversary, however, certainly a high sounding program has been announced by the prime minister and party cadres. P resident has made fiery speech at Garhi Khuda Bakhsh, the burial place of Bhutto family. In that speech, he talked of anti Bhutto forces that were out to destabilize PPP government, but not once mentioned about her murder case. There would be rallies, public and party meetings to recall her services and sacrifices and pay tribute to her. She is no doubt a political martyr and this aspect of her political struggle would be highlighted during the anniversary period. As is customary, some prisoners might also be released to add compassion to this sad event.

But this sublime show of love and solidarity with BB cannot distract the people of Pakistan generally and the PPP rank and file especially from the nagging question as to who killed her. This distressing question would keep lurking in the minds as to why this high profile murder case is being evidently turned into a blind and closed case. If there was a government other than the PPP at helm in Pakistan, then one could have expected such willful sidetracking of this heinous crime that has deprived the PPP of its celebrated leader of international eminence and fame. This utter disregard and patent indifference towards Benazir Bhutto’s assassination by her own party in power is as baffling as it is questionable.

At the media level many intriguing and valid question marks are being pointed out that provide positive and worthwhile clues to the suspects who could have masterminded the physical removal of BB from the political scene. Last year in a special investigative report presented on Geo by Hamid Mir, the reputed journalist and well known anchor person gave abundant indicators towards the killers and their abettors of the assassination of Benazir Bhutto. If at all the incumbent government of PPP and especially the widower president Asif Ali Zardari and Interior Minister Rehman Malik are still curious about finding the culprits of Benazir’s murder then they can pick up the threads from this report.

To suppress, discourage or shelve the inquiry for indenifte period will not end the matter and in due course of time it would raise more questions. The biggest question would be why PPP didn’t show the required zeal and concern to find the murderers of a person who was not only a great political figure, daughter of the party’s founder but also the Chairperson of the PPP party, that is now in power because of her epic struggle and consequential martyrdom.

President Zardari is on record of publically confessing that he was privy to the identities of Benazir’s assassins. Then what prevents him from bringing these criminals to justice? Horrifically the party in power whose chairperson was mercilessly slain has not gotten a simple FIR registered with the police so far. Such a high profile murder and so callous of an indifference exhibited by her own party to even start a probe is simply stunning.

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