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Is 9/11 Incident a "Big Lie”?

March 8, 2010
Is 9/11 Incident a "Big Lie”?
By Saeed Qureshi
In a statement during an address to Intelligence Ministry staff in Tehran, Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad dubbed the U. S. official version of the Sept. 11 attacks a "big lie". He charged that the incident was used by the U.S. as an excuse for the war on terror.

The Iranian president’s insinuation apart, it is necessary and morally incumbent upon the U.S. administration to probe and find out the truth. It is not only the Iranian prime minister who says so but even there are Americans who have been expressing the doubts and apprehensions that no outsider could have accomplish this very tricky and highly technical job; all the more the Saudis who are far from attaining the sophisticated aviation technology and who would not defy Americans in any way. For Al-Qaida to penetrate American aviation system, acquire all the minute details and information about the flying schedules and to bang the civilian aircrafts one after another with precision into the lofty Twin Towers, seems improbable. The names and the identities of the passengers on board these aircrafts have not been fully made public. But even if all these odds were overcome by trainee terrorists, still this dirty job could not have been possible without aid and abetment from well informed internal sources. But on the whole the tragedy looks fishy as for as the perpetrators are concerned. The hijackers’ identities have never been explicitly disclosed. It is all a hush hush affair.

Muslims including Saudis fought for America against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan. Muslims did a remarkable job for America in Afghanistan because this is how United States defeated that hostile authoritarian state and buried communism forever. The Taliban at the outset were not against America and were ready to hand over Osama and his band to America if they were convinced that Al-Qaida blew the Twin Towers. But President Bush refused to pursue the offer of negotiations from Taliban. Despite all the hostility, The Afghans and al-Qaida would not afford to antagonize for having a common cause against the Society Union. Taliban had triumphed against the local war lords and not America. The altercation over Osama embittered the relations between America and Taliban, a horrendous development that could have been avoided. It is surmised in the hindsight that Taliban could have been prevailed upon by America and Saudi Arabi to hand over Osama and his other cohorts to the United States. President Bush chose instead of using military power to destroy both Taliban and Al-Qaida that led to a deadly war not yet finished.

The biggest question that is being posed is why there were no Jews inside the huge buildings on that fateful day of September 11, 2001? Can we point out our fingers at Jewish masterminds who might have hatched this conspiracy to pit America against the Muslims? In the past ten years countless Muslims have been killed, American soldiers have died in considerable numbers; American economy has landed in dire straits with 12 trillion dollars debt. Finally two friends of yester years turned each other’s implacable enemies. American social life has come under a specter of fear. Look at the airports with scanning machines and humiliating body searches for all including the Americans themselves. To whose advantage”? It’s an 11 million dollar question. The answer is: not of Americans, not of Muslims, maybe someone sitting on the sidelines and pulling the strings clandestinely.

In the time to come or even in distant future the truth or confirmation about the tragedy as it happened would come to the light. Although several cases such as the assassination of J.F. Kennedy is still shrouded in mystery, but as the time advances and the information and investigation technology gets more credible and genuine, these mysterious and unresolved happenings might be resolved.

Undoubtedly the 9/11 tragedy is one of the stunning incidents of the 21st century that has changed the course and complexion of interstate relations particularly the US-Muslim world relationship. It is precisely to punish the perpetrators of this heinous act, ascribed to the despicable Al-Qaida outfit that United States has been engaged in wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. While the war in Afghanistan makes sense and carries justrification, the Iraq invasion was entirely uncalled for and is devoid of any moral locus standii. The only outcome of Iraq war that cost America a trillion dollar hefty bill is the capture and hanging of ousted Saddam Hussein and the massacre of innumerable Iraqis besides a few thousand American soldiers. If Iraq embarks upon a democratic course, despite its deep ethnic divisions, the monetary and human price paid by America by default would look justified.
Indeed America has every right to have reacted in the way it did. But if this reaction would have focused purely on al-Qaida activists besides soliciting the cooperation of the Islamic countries the bloodshed that the world has witnessed in the last decade could have been formidably spared or curtailed. But at that time an ultra right neo-conservative administration was at the helm and they were bent upon storming Iraq and Afghanistan with the mammoth army. Although initially the pretext was to unearth the weapons of mass destruction, yet these were never found. Later a visibly crude campaign was launched to establish a connection between al-Qaida and Saddam Hussein, indirectly implicating the Iraqi government for being an accomplice in the 9/11 act of terrorism.
After 9/11 when the dust of initial furore started settling down, there were a flurry of conspiracy theories that mushroomed implying that the attackers mostly hailing from Saudi Arabia and flying the American civilian aircrafts could not have performed this extremely precarious and technically complicated feat.

Nevertheless, in order to nail the rumours and conspiracies that abound, it would be in the interest of the fair name of America if fresh inquiry is launched to clear the fog and mystery that envelopes this most horrendous event in the recent times. May be the episode of 9/11 can be rewritten with more back stage actors.

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