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Why Blame Pakistan?

May 10, 2010
Why blame Pakistan?
By Saeed Qureshi
In the wake of failed terrorism attempt by a naturalized American citizen with Pakistani origin, the entire American electronic and print media is up in arms against Pakistan. A case is seemingly being made against Pakistan as if it was the nation or state of Pakistan that was behind this most condemnable attack. In the heat of their pent up partisan discussions and slanted debates and misleading talk shows, effort is being made to tarnish and target Pakistan forgetting that the young man who committed this vicious crime was legally an American citizen. It is also being conveniently ignored that the person who saved the havoc that may have been wrought was a Muslim from Senegal who tipped the authorities about the parking of an abandoned car.
In the wake of the free for all and bereft of a rational approach and mature view of this diabolic act of terrorism, the American media along with the anti Muslim elements overlooked the yawning and incontrovertible fact that Pakistan is also under attack from Taliban who should not be categorized as Pakistani or Afghan Taliban. Taliban on both sides of the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan have their own identity and way of life. Even if there is Punjabi Taliban they are outlaws and fighting against Pakistan also.
The world at large and particularly the well-informed American and Western media must be knowing that Pakistan’s armed forces, after heavy fighting and countless casualties of its soldiers drove the tenacious Taliban militants out of Swat and South Waziristan. It is still fighting against the Taliban and Al-Qaida and other brands of militants in the tribal areas and gradually weakening their power and flushing them out of the remaining areas. It is such an epic struggle and brilliant performance with sterling achievements that should be thumping and generously applauded by the Western press.
Regrettably, it is not being explained that Pakistan and United States were both waging an historic fight against these fanatical militants who are enemies of both Pakistan and America. The imperative of honesty should also impel the myopic critics to not mention Pakistan with a disdain or malicious undertones as if the whole Pakistani nation was conspiring and training these barbarian enemies of civilization. The Taliban’s version of Islam out-rightly militates against the faith of the 99 percent people of other Muslim faithful who are peaceful and who abhor terrorism as much as the Americans do.
It is stunning that why Pakistan’s glowing sacrifices and phenomenal military onslaught against a common enemy Talban do not find any mention in the Western media discussions, opinion columns and editorials. A lone, stupid, insane individual’s sabotage attempt is being labeled and attributed to Pakistan with complete yet vicarious disregard to Pakistan’s monumental role in curbing and quashing the terrorism. The rationality and objectivity has taken leave of the best of media brains and the so known and recognized free press of the United States.
How can one accept the partisan roll coaster propaganda against a country and nullify the meritorious accomplishments of an ally becuase one single man from the blue has acted in an inimical way. The American press in a fair and honest manner should have isolated the sinister attempt of Faisal from Pakistan and given credit to Pakistan for rendering supreme sacrifices in fighting against the Taliban and the people of the Ilk of Faisal.
In this regard the warning issued by New York Mayor Bloomberg that ethnic back-lash against Pakistani living in new York would not be allowed is so timely and welcome. In his May 4 press statement he cautioned, “I want to make clear that we will not tolerate any bias or backlash against Pakistani or Muslim New Yorkers. All of us live in this City and among any group there are always a few bad apples…” The American media should take a cue from Mayor Bloomberg and exercise caution and restraint instead of blowing up a blame game that is patently wrong morally and can trigger serious trouble for the American citizens or residents with a Pakistani background.
The result is that the community that hails from Pakistan has come under an enormous strain and burgeoning pressure and suffers from a paranoid of retaliation against them by individuals or groups who may jump to a vendetta. This is an overwhelmingly alarming situation that has to be preempted by sober pronouncements and stern assurances by the federal and state administration against the hate or reprisal attempts by unscrupulous elements after listening to the anti Pakistan venomous and slanderous propaganda or unguarded media zeal.
The Us administration should not waste time in exonerating Pakistan from the sole action of a US citizen instead of identifiying and labeling him as a Pakistan Taliban that gives mistaken message about Pakistan. At the same time Pakistan’s grand efforts and remarkable victories over the ferocious Taliban should be widely eulogized and generously acclaimed as a unique watershed that has brought formidable saving grace to the United States thanks to the valor of Pakistan army. It is an utter injustice to Pakistan if it’s wantonly accused for such isolated incidents despite its commendable role in favor of United States, a performance which should be rewarded and highly valued instead of mounting a mindless finger pointing by American media against Pakistan.
The U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has lashed out at Pakistan, indirectly implying the complicity of Pakistan in the incident committed by a lone individual. In her overly undiplomatic and profusely emotional outburst she threatened Pakistan of dire consequences if another incident of similar nature happens. In one stroke she has demolished and watered down of what Pakistan has done so much against Taliban and for the sake of the United States. In that a veiled excuse for extending drone attacks over to Pakistan’s territory?

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