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Altaf Hussain’s Call to Army Generals

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Altaf Hussain’s Call to Army Generals
By Saeed Qureshi
August 22, 2010
MQM Chief Altaf Hussain has called upon Pakistan’s patriotic army generals to come forward and contain the deterioration and drift that is taking place in the country on a rapid scale. In a telephonic address from his London residence, the firebrand MQM leader said that his party would support patriotic Army generals’ measures such as Martial Law if taken against corrupt politicians
There was a strong hope that democracy would provide a lasting cure for many afflictions that for decades Pakistan has been suffering from. But this hope has proven to be farcical. There is widespread disillusionment among Pakistanis with the incumbent democratic government that has brought in its wake more miseries than any expected relief or betterment.
Altaf has particularly stressed on eradication of feudal culture and elimination of powerful pressure groups, the self-seeking politicians, leech like aristocracy and elitist ascendency in Pakistan. He said these are the dark and inimical forces that were squarely responsible for the appalling state of affairs the country is plunged in.
Although his party is one of the coalition partners both in the Sindh provincial government and at the centre, yet he deserves to be admired and applauded for issuing a matter of fact statement that epitomized his courage and the laudable knack of saying what was right or truthful.
His bold statement exhibits the despondency that the majority of the Pakistanis are undergoing. He has simply portrayed that state of extreme dejection and utter darkness that has enveloped Pakistan. The situation in Pakistan is typical of the drastic decline and steep degeneration with rich classes getting further rich and the vast swathe of population being pushed underneath the level of poverty.
The rapacious local lords and ravenous looters in all forms and garbs are voraciously sucking the economic blood of the nation with no respite in their urge for filling their coffers, which are already bulging with the wealth grabbed via corruption, jobbery through commissions and kickbacks.
The law and order is so atrociously fragile and hijacked by powerful individuals that they kill two young boys under the patronage of the police force otherwise supposed to be the protector of the lives of the citizens. Can there be a more sinister violation of law that one can witness in Pakistan? If such a sickening carnage can take place in full public view what would be happening under cover with innumerable innocents being butchered. So where is the country drifting to?
Altaf Hussain has addressed the army generals because there is no other institution in the country that possesses the coercive power to clean the “Augean Sables” of unprecedented filth and scum, being accumulated by the rulers down to a small police minion by a thousand ways.
If you call the present governmental set up as a manifestation of some form of democracy then let us define it as an oligarchy and a tainted democracy supervised by the unleashed ruffians, bad characters, rogues, rascals, saintly intermediaries and public enemy’s setting unbroken records of mis governance and wrong doing.
Karachi, the largest and port city of Pakistan is in the throes of ethnic and racial vendettas with precious lives being lost every day. There seems to be no end to this mayhem. In Baluchistan, non-Balucihies are being targeted: a trend that is as insidious as it is frightening.
In Pakistan, it is like Roman Empire of the modern times where the people encircle two utterly helpless young boys being bludgeoned and clubbed to death by human monsters. The only difference between the Roman Empire of yester times and of now is that in the ancient Roman Colosseums, the blood of the captives was shed by real beasts while in the Pakistan these are humans themselves who have surpassed and substituted the predatory animals.
A prime minister who is the scion of a saintly clan or shrine culture with credulous individuals kissing his hands and offering donation for doom’s day redemption cannot be mentally an equal with the common masses. A president whose lust for making money is unbounded will not refrain from his pathological pursuits. From the ministers down to a clerk in a small office, all are busy like bees to thwart the law and make as much buck as they can. Such a congenial atmosphere was seldom seen in the past when one could plunder in a no holds barred manner as now even to the lowly extent of taking a pack of cigarettes from the harassed and needy people.
What malaise has not eaten into the vitals of Pakistan? Adulteration with tainted food( sugar mixed with urea), spurious drugs hastening deaths, filth plastered over every lanes, streets and roads of Pakistan; smoke emitting overfilled public transport causing air and noise pollution; the stinking overflowing open sewers; no clean and abundant water; no adequate power: hospitals like slaughterhouse, schools with scant discipline and so on. These are some of the socio- civic problems that the denizens of Pakistan are exposed to and go through these ordeals every moment.
Si it is a huge mess, a colossal wreck and a mammoth chaos that has to be put in order. We have seen that the incumbent democratic government has miserably failed to ameliorate the living conditions of the citizenry. The lawlessness stems from the minister of law and goes down to the lowest rung of society. There is no hope left, no light at the end of the tunnel because the tunnel of sufferings and miseries for a common person has no end.
So in the light of this staggering spectacle, Altaf Hussain can discern the last hope in the army and specifically the patriotic military top brass to come forward and straighten this snarled tangle. It might be for a very brief period but it should serve as a break from the past and a new beginning. If what Altaf Hussain has warned, is not done sooner than later, the country faces the pernicious danger of disintegration. And he is absolutely right.
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