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United States Army takes a Moral Plunge

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December 20, 2010

United States Army takes a Moral Plunge
By Saeed Qureshi

America has suffered a steep moral plunge by allowing the gays and the lesbians to openly serve in the U. S. army. The U.S. Senate has struck down the law known as “don’t ask, don’t tell,” enacted during President Clinton era, under which the army rank and file could conceal their sexual orientations. Now the gays and the lesbians with expressed identities would be free to serve in the army without any fear of slur, discrimination, ridicule or affront from anti-gay and lesbians colleagues.

Even for a moron, the union of two males and females as sex partners is incontrovertibly loathsome. It is a colossal moral tragedy of the present enlightened and civilized times when man should have become more refined and virtuous not by way of being religious but in terms of the segregation of sexes for marriage and carnal pleasures.

The Bible, a holy book for the three Abrahamic religions has narrated various episodes that give us an idea that this irksome practice has been in vogue also in ancient times. The guests of Prophet Abraham were the incorrigible homosexuals who were wont of the males than the females although the prophet did his best to prevent them from going ahead with their sinister desire.

The Bible further narrates that the entire population during the time of Prophet Lot was immersed in and fond of homosexuality and such lecherous and filthy persuasions. They were destroyed by divine will when they refused to abandon those morbid evils. The holy book of Muslims Quran condemns this sleazy activity in the most stunning and admonishing words.

There must be an undeniable wisdom and unchangeable and eternal purpose behind the scheme of creation by the creator or the system that is governing the universe. The creation of male and female couples in humans, to animals and to plants must be the inherent immutable code that we can all witness. This principle or code that has got nothing to do with the scientific discoveries propels the progeny and procreation for all living beings that are believed to have soul or breathe.

Like other unnatural pursuits, this sexual perversion of humans, cuts across the natural urges and desires ingrained in the scheme of things. As such by allowing, the same sex union for pleasure making and satiating sexual desires is not only a revolt against the nature but also a rejection of the moral values that are universally acknowledged. For such societies that try to alter the course of nature, and cross the moral barriers, the reprisals are bound to take place. The violation of moral underpinnings that are set either by the society or by divine invisible code of conduct, takes its toll sooner or later.

The breaking of established moral codes such as permitting same sex marriages and acknowledging the legal rights of gays and lesbians, does not sit well with the majority of the people in a society. Underneath everyone, even the gays and lesbians consider it as a social, moral, and religious vice that cannot be condoned nor justified. If it were not so then the gays and lesbians should not have remained moral pariahs and outcasts in various societies.

This lot of humanity themselves suffer from an acute and persistent sense of shame and a guilty conscience. And precisely for this reason, the repeal of DADT provides a legal cover to such wayward individuals to not feel rejected, hated or despised by their detractors in the army.

Army’s job is to fight, whether by a morally upright person or a degenerated individual who does not believe or practice the natural gender divide between the two opposite sexes or who is a rapist or a murderer.

With the repeal of the DADT, the gays and the lesbians would be immune from open slander and disparagement. However because their sexual orientation would stand open, the hate and aversion towards them by their fellow personnel would be of the same level or rather more intense, albeit confined to the hearts and minds.

The impact of this odious piece of legislation upon the young men and women in the society who plan career in the army would be very ruinous. Until now, many among them would not adopt a gay or lesbian way of life, under the fear that they could be victimized in the army in various means.

They would be looked down upon and despised by their conservative colleagues and therefore, the service for them as gays or lesbians would not be tension -free. They knew that their presence in the army would not be an easy undertaking. Now under the latest law they can enter into a relationship of gay and lesbian and still serve in the army without a moral hang-up and without any fear of diatribe or vitriol or bad looks, from their peers.

No society has even been rigidly without homosexuals, the child abusers, the gays, and the lesbians. In the same vein, no society, howsoever, chaste could root out entirely the depravity of its people who of molest. We are aware of the myriad stories of the Christian priests who indulged in heinous crimes of committing adultery with the helpless and innocent students and even worshippers. If a priest or clergy can violate his code of ethics and savagely break the religious and divine barriers then others with the same mindset are less to blame.

This clearance or legal permission for the morally pervert human beings to serve in the army cannot be hailed as a breakthrough for the establishment of equality between the genders. Merely for the fact that someone was ready, to fight does not absolve him or her from the moral monstrosity covered by a legal or constitutional caveat.

And this is not a question of freedom or fundamental rights. In my mind, a lesbian or a gay is a heinous delinquent as the people who indulge in other moral and social breaches. I would rather plead for an intensive and vigorous campaign in all societies for the moral violators such as lesbians, homosexuals, and gays to reform their lives and come to the level of a common person who views such activities as the bane of decency and piety. Piety is not a fantasy that some would deny or challenge its existence.

What is moral restraint? Moral restraint is to curb the tendencies that are treated and viewed by the society as repugnant and abhorrent. If it s a question of allowing the gays and lesbians to break the laws of nature then those people who want to walk nude in the streets should also be allowed to enjoy their freedom. By that weird logic, let everyone have liberty to live nude or without clothes. The society ought not break the established social and moral barriers under the spurious plea that these collide with the fundamental rights and spur discrimination.

(The writer is a Dallas-based freelance journalist and a former diplomat writing mostly on International Affairs with specific focus on Pakistan and the United States)
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