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America’s Stand on Egypt’s Tumult is Ambiguous

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January 30, 2010
By Saeed Qureshi
The U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was simply beating about the bush while expressing the American administration’s reaction to the emerging monumental crisis in Egypt. She was talking to CNN anchor this morning.
Instead of clearly stating the United States’ stand, her implicit message was that Hosni Mubarak should stay at the helm and should initiate dialogue with the opposition for a transition. She was not condemning the besieged and tyrannical president totally bereft of the popular support.
United States should not sail simultaneously in two boats, or as the proverb goes, run with the hare and hunt with the hound. The hare in this case are the people of Egypt while hound is President Hosni Mubarak. If at this stage when the whole Egypt is demanding ouster of Hosni Mubarak, American leadership should not talk with tongue in cheeks.
The change in Egypt is inevitable. President Mubarak tryst with power has come to an irreversible end. At this crucial juncture, if United States supports the nationwide uprising against a civilian dictator, it would earn the abiding gratitude of the people of Egypt. America should rather hastily snatch the credit of facilitating the transition to the national unity government by compelling the discredited Egyptian president to relinquish his charge that he has been holding for over three decades by force and oppression and similar devious machinations.
This is a defining moment not only for the democratic destiny of the Egypt but it also poses a challenge to the vision, courage and foresight of the American leadership. Most of the congressmen and senators have postulated that at least in this crisis America should stand on the right side of history.
It means America must demonstrate its support and solidarity with the people of Egypt clamoring and struggling for great and historic change that would herald an era of democratization, civil society and freedom in the Arab lands lorded over by lecherous and anti people, forces. It is time to unfetter the enslaved people of Arab nations from the barbaric clutches of monarchs, kings, military dictators and royal sovereigns.
This is an age of enlightenment, liberty and freedom already dawned for two centuries now. Why must the inhuman and immoral systems based on tribalism, feudalism, papacy, privileges and divine rights, keep exploiting their people by every conceivable coercive and cruel means? This is the great challenge to the civilized world to deliver the vast humanity from the abominable bondage of these rapacious rulers thriving and lavishing on the national wealth without sharing it with the people.
The members of the royal families ruling these poor countries have billions of dollars in their accounts that keep mounting from the sale of oil, gas and from other sources. Their people rot and wallow in poverty, ignorance and backwardness as we can see in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan, and Libya, Morocco, Oman and UAE.
What rights the royal families in these countries posses to pocket the huge incomes from natural resources? The natural, mineral and other resources belong to the people of that country and not to a family. This is what all the religions urge and all the civilized society practice.
The stupendous change that will come by removing a ferocious dictator would have its salutary impact on other countries in the same region. If the world moves towards civil and representative governments, equality, freedom and justice and egalitarianism for their teeming people, then countries like United States should welcome and facilitate such a phenomenal change.
Thus the flashpoint and hotbeds of wars and intrigues would be effaced and the world which is already on the path to a global village could collectively transform itself into a place of peace and cumulative progress. That would be a journey towards creating a paradise on earth. That coveted dream can come true if the outposts of discriminations divisions, exploitations and privileges for a few are demolished.
America must catch up with the throbbings, spirit and calls of the present time and support the people rather than their despicable local masters and tormentors.
The writer is a Dallas-based journalist and a former diplomat. Email: qureshisa2003@
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