Tuesday, April 5, 2011

India’s Finest Hour

By Saeed Qureshi

Having been crowned for the second time as the victor of the 2011 Cricket World cup Final, India deserves the most gracious and generous compliments for this spectacular achievement. The redeeming dimension of this dazzling victory is that the world cup was contested finally between the three teams from the sub-continent and one of these lifted the most coveted honor. As such this victory is also an event of rejoicing for the whole Subcontinent.

This indeed is India’s finest hour that was brought about by the hard work, absolute professionalism and deft team work with a profound passion to glorify their nation. It is a singular honor that does not come by easily and demands unmitigated sweat and labor to be counted as champions.

The Indians merit celebrating this most laudable victory with glamorous festivities and with boundless pride and hilarious joy. Such occasions come once in a while. Indian team has prevailed and thus they scaled the pinnacle of glory. Their dream of winning the prestigious cup came true due to their grit and finest display of cricket skills and finesse. It is the victory that matters and not the defeat.

It should remain as the most momentous and endearing memories for the inimitable and iconic Tundukler to have seen the Indian team winning the world cup in cricket before his projected retirement. His phenomenal contribution in realising this most ambitious and sought after goal in mammoth and would make shining chapter in the cricket history. He is a superb player whose distinction as number one in the world for scoring the highest number of runs would remain an exemplary and an inspiring legacy for the new generation of cricketers.

And the incumbent captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni should be lavishly facilitated for his amazing leadership that won for India a splendid laurel and honor. The Indian skipper is a man of indomitable zeal and is a soberly composed cricketer. He exhibited an infinite capacity to steer the flow of match in Indian favor that is indeed an astonishing feat. He deserves the highest praise and adulation.

The whole Indian team was a well knit group of players who fought well and were ultimately rewarded with a sterling success. They demonstrated an unflinching determination and confidence that finally bore the daintiest fruit of coming on top with a winning cup.

The Sri Lankan team also played exceedingly well but was overwhelmed by the more dominant Indian team. With the quick disposal of three Indian players including Sachen Tendulkar, the chances, initially, receded for the Indian team to win.

But then with the perseverence and the resolute steadfastness and unwavering defiance of both Goutam Gambhir (97 runs) and Dhoni (91 runs not out) changed the complexion of the game altogether to the other way round. The balls hit hard were flying all over the ground with flurry of fours by this couple. That was the turning point in this most crucial final match of the year 2011.

This is for the second time that India won the World Cricket cup Final. The first victory was in 1983. Pakistan and Sri Lanka each won the world cup final one time in 1992 and 1996 respectively.

The writer is a senior journalist and a former diplomat
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