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How Could DSK get off the Legal Hook so Soon?

July 3, 2011

By Saeed Qureshi

No one can get rid of the American justice system so soon as the former IMF boss, Dominique Strauss-Kahn did. He is indeed one rare lucky among the millions that can claim to be exceptionally fortunate.

His getting off the hook in United States, from a heinous crime as rape in barely two months’ span of time is stated to be due more to the dubious and murky background of the female accuser than his own credentials as a clean person.

I have the preponderant feeling to believe somehow that he did commit some kind of sexual mischief on May 14, with the Guinea woman in his suite number 2806 at Sofitel New York Hotel. He has been earlier involved in similar cases of unbridled sexual perversion. His past lecherous deeds and sexual exploits are widely known.

It is for the jurists to determine if the case of rape could be dropped against a hardened sexual predator. But what looks logical is that the rape case has its own merit and it could be detached from the questionable credibility of the accuser or the female fabricator.

After all a female all the more a Muslim claims to have been forcibly overpowered for a sexual act that cannot have any other definition except rape.

The American court system is uncompromisingly rigid in matters relating to sexual offences. There are countless instances in which the sexual predators have been indicted and given heavy punishments.

The non-consensual sex is treated to be a highly serious breach of law and entails condign sentences for the offenders. There are cases that people were falsely accused of rape and served several years in jail till DNA established that they were innocent.

In those cases the element of doubt was always there because in most cases, the victim would be not be able to correctly know the identity of the perpetrator.
In those doubtful or gray area cases, it would be up to the prosecution to prove a person guilty, followed by the jury to endorse or reject that. if endorsed the offender would get a few decades in jail.

In the case of DSK vs. the 32 old maid from Guinea, the case is crystal clear. The victim fully and unambiguously knows the identity of the culprit and narrates the sequence of events, as to how the sordid incident started and how it finished.

The correlation of events is not that much crucial whether she went to the side room after the assault and then came back to suite number 2806 and that she reported the matter to the supervisor thereafter. The cardinal point is: if she was attacked by the alleged person.

Let us also conjecture that if the maid had falsified or jumbled up the correct sequence of events, would it be logically and legally permissible to drop the case of rape against DSK altogether. The falsification on other cases should not be taken as conclusive pretext that in this case she was also lying. This case should be dealt on its strength.

The lies that are attributed to her inter-alia are that her husband had died by torture at the hands of police officers and soldiers in Guinea, that she had been gang-raped in Guinea, that she got asylum on made-up grounds, that she falsely got a big break on her taxes by claiming a friend’s child as her own. She was also alleged to have contacts with notorious drug dealer now in jail.

It appears that the prosecution was somehow persuaded to withdraw the cases for some reasons that should be exclusively known to the Manhattan district attorney Cyrus Vance Jr.

Kenneth Thompson the victims’ attorney is crying hoarse for the continuation of the hearing for him to prove the case. But by the prevailing indications it appears that the interest of the prosecution seems to have waned.

One reason could be that the female victim is a devout Muslim and for the attorneys to pursue the case for a Muslim would open a leeway for others to come forward and seek justice for such immoral sexual crimes that abound in America.

Or else there should be pressure from the Jewish lobby because Strauss is a Jew and the Jewish high-ups would not like a VIP from among them to be penalized to the extent of 3o years in jail besides the enormous humiliation and disgrace that would have been heaped on Strauss for all time to come.

There seem to be some overriding and irresistible pulls and pressures loaded on the prosecution team to recoil from this case that pitted a high profile Jew celebrity against a Muslim woman, all the more an asylum seeker, that otherwise has no political or social leverage.

Otherwise there is no way and it is unthinkable that a sexual predator with a chronic notoriety and sleazy reputation of unwarranted and wild sexual escapades could be let off the legal hook so soon and so easily in the United States.

If per se, it is being found out, that the Sofitel Hotel maid has invented a case against a filthily wealthy individual as Kahn is and that she was a habitual liar, then in the same vein, it could also be argued that keeping in view DST’s loathsome backlog of sexual lewdness, the case should not be dropped and the legal proceedings should be continued until the truth is found.

The writer is a senior journalist and a former diplomat
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