Monday, October 3, 2011

Hamid Karzai is the Enemy of Pakistan

October 2, 2011

By Saeed Qureshi

In the aftermath of Burhanuddin Rabbani’s assassination, the venomous statements of Afghan president Hamid Karzai irrefutably show that he is an inveterate enemy of Pakistan.He is trying to fish in the troubled waters by throwing mud on Pakistan which is a sordid and ugly attempt to show his puppet’s government’s incompetence to run Afghanistan. His government is sunk deep into mammoth scandals of corruption and administrative sloth that is getting deeper and deeper as the time passes.

Deliberately ignoring Pakistan’s historic role in curbing the indigenous terrorism and insurgency in the volatile tribal regions with deployment of its armed forces and with countless casualties, he does not omit even a slim chance to denigrate and slander Pakistan, in total disregard of the diplomatic niceties and the fundamental norms of ethics.

His despicable attempt seems to stoke the bitterness that of late has surfaced and continues unabated between the United States and hard pressed Pakistan. The brunt of Osama episode and the latest Rabbani murder by Taliban has put Pakistan in a very tight corner. A leading warrior as Pakistan is in this so called war on terror, is being condemned and slated as a fifth columnist and duplicitous in western war on terrorism.
In this moment of unprecedented misunderstanding and massive apprehensions about Pakistan, people like Karzai see a rare chance to look taller and pass the buck of their failure on others. Why should Pakistan be interested in eliminating Rabbani is a million dollars question. The answer is that Pakistan would have enormously benefitted from his survival as that would have liberated Pakistan from this devastating war in which it has been trapped by default.

Prime Minister is absolutely right when in response to a hurricane of tirade and a dubious campaign of diatribe said that Pakistan was not responsible for protecting NATO forces. By harping on the same tune as that of retired admiral Mike Mullen and Leon Panetta, Mr. Karzai is falsifying the facts and undermining the possibilities of peace in Afghanistan.

He is an epitome of opportunism, and is evil spirited who leans more on blaming others for his own shameful failures. He is the one who along with his roguish brother is facilitating heroin trafficking out of Afghanistan and trading in weapons sold to Taliban and other insurgent outfits. His reputation as an honest, dignified and an astute head of state is zero.

How come that he has the audacity to despise Pakistan’s involvement in the assassination of the former president of Afghanistan Burhanuddin Rabbani and attacks on American embassy in Kabul? Why should all these Johnnies including Karzai link ISI with Haqqani network to launch attacks on NATO locations in Afghanistan? This is atrocious conduct of the head of a beleaguered state. This is to conceal the total debility of his government in thwarting the insurgents by a centimeter of success.

President Karzai is notorious for his uninhibited involvement in greed, corruption, nepotism, electoral fraud, and regulating trade of opium and heroin through his half brother Ahmed Wali Karzai. According to the New York Times, “many members of the Karzai family have mixed their personal interests with that of the state, and become hugely influential and wealthy by murky means.”

Mr Karzai, in flagrant defiance of law and the constitution has established a personal court that has reinstated scores of candidates who were delisted for fraud in the 2010 parliamentary elections by the Independent Electoral Commission.

Such is the twisted moral compass of a person who has the audacity to point accusing fingers on an ally whose armed forces has laid down thousands of lives of its soldiers for a war that primarily concerns Afghanistan, the imperial west and mighty America.

In fact he is trying to join the chorus of people like admiral Mullen who failed to produce the results that were expected of them and instead of admitting their failure they are now trying to pass on their buck to an ally whose achievement are as shining as the rising sun and which not even imbecile can deny.

Hamid Karzai is widely known to be heavily inclined towards India and therefore his latest murky twist and maligning Pakistan can be attributed to his sympathy and support for Pakistan’s regional and traditional rival. The treachery and turncoat character of individuals like Karzai can never be condoned as they are rank liars and shorn of basic acceptable conduct because they are primarily focused on their personal clannish interests, self-enrichment than that of the nation and county.

The United States is aware of the shady character of Hamid Karzai and his odious retina of cohorts. When the day for the occupation forces to vacate Afghanistan would arrive, these aberrations of greed, self-indulgence and moral turpitude would vanish like the shadows when the sun sets. These obnoxious and sold out characters cannot have their places in a soceity which they traumatized and haunted so long.

President Zardari of Pakistan has been inviting this enemy of Pakistan on such auspicious days as the Independence Day and Pakistan day as a guest of honor. As a serpent knows only to sting, this man has always been ungrateful and the moment Pakistan is slandered, this man does not relent for a moment and endorses that by preposterous accusations.

Mr. Zardari perhaps feels a kind if kinship with this untrustworthy and slippery person because both sail in the same boat of self-aggrandizement and for their unquenchable penchant for amassing wealth even by most questionable means.

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