Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Americans should vote for Congressman Ron Paul

December 5, 2011

By Saeed Qureshi

It can be only congressman Ron Paul who is endowed with enough courage and conviction to retrieve the United State from the sucking quagmire of wars that it has been caught in for six decades now or precisely after the WWII. In his speeches, comments, interviews and debates, he has been conducting himself in a pragmatic, balanced, rationale and dignified manner.

The cutthroat corporate sector and special interest groups in America would want to keep this great country entangled in an interminable and perpetual war situation. The wars fought on the strength of catchy slogans like security, honor and sovereignty are whipped up to keep the flow of the capital to the greedy upper classes and ruthless robber barons by way of manufacturing and trading of weapons, provision of logistics, transportation and security contactors and for countless other reasons.

American wars have divided the globe during the past six decades pitting the same people against each other. Korea was divided into North and South Korea, and so was Vietnam.

The American forces fought in Iraq twice, and are engaged in rooting out Taliban and Al-Qaida in rugged Afghanistan for almost a decade now. Earlier, with the help of radical Muslims it ousted the communist Russia from Afghanistan in 1989. Later America was caught in a similar viscous, bloody and ruinous rigmarole for all these years starting from 2001.

Ron Paul is the only American politician who has been forcefully pleading for winding up the distant wars that not only scuttled the blooming economic prosperity of the this great nation but made it a debtor nation to the extent of 25 per cent of its GDP. It is bizarre and certainly shameful that it is a debtor of China that ideologically is opposed to America as was Soviet Union before her defeat in Afghanistan.

Ron Paul is a one sincere leader who does not raise hollow slogans or show red herring about the overplayed security issue. He is not in the viscous habit of double speak. He wants America to eschew the doctrine of confrontation built up upon flimsy and farcical reasons as was done in case of attack on Iraq. He wants America to be leaning predominantly on moral values and abide by the constitution and treat other countries with the same yardstick of equality and dignity that it expects from others.

Ron wants America to adopt a non-partisan role between Israel and the Palestinians and the other Middle Eastern countries that support the rightful Palestinian cause. Ron postulates that the term or cliché of terrorism was deliberately coined by privileged classes in American to justify wars abroad and to create paranoia within United States. He wants to uphold the constitution of the United States that enshrines fundamental and inalienable rights to the citizens.

Ron Paul’s assuming the presidency of the United States will herald the much awaited and direly needed change of the status quo that serves the ambitions of the elitist and privileged citizenry but undermines those of the working and lower classes. If he is elected then it would be a new beginning for the United States after the Second World War. A new America would replace the old one with hallmarks of global peace and collective advancement of the world community under the benign leadership of the United States.

The United States desperately needs to break the gridlock of the wealthy and overbearing classes that feed the Americans on fabricated phobias and imaginary fears one of which is that all Americans were perpetually in a state of insecurity and under attack from terrorists.

If per say, America instead of shoving 3 trillion dollars in the aimless wars, had given 10 billion dollars each to a few Muslim countries to uproot the al-Qaida in their lands, the purpose would been served in a more fulfilling manner and with absolute accomplishment. That would have spared America from sending the occupations forces and fighting in uncharted turfs at huge and irredeemable cost of human casualties, untold sufferings and financial breakdown.

The aim and objectives of Ron Paul are to reverse the insidious mindset of the affluent classes in America which want to keep the America armed forces in perpetual war situation. The victory against the Soviet Union in 1989 was achieved by the Islamic militants and not by the NATO troops. So to expect that there can be a final and conclusive victory by NATO and ISAF in Afghanistan is simply a wishful dream and divorced of the reality.

The stark reality is that in view of the situation that one can witness in Afghanistan, an ultimate triumph over the faceless enemy such as Taliban would always remain unachievable. And even otherwise there was no overwhelming reason and indispensible motive to fight in the battleground of Afghanistan as Taliban were appeasing and conciliatory towards United States on the demand of handing over Osama to latter.

They simply asked for a proof of his involvement in anti-American activities and for 9/11 incident which was very easy for America to furnish. But America chose the war path instead and mobilized the army to defeat Taliban.

So militarily and morally there was no justification for United States to enter into a battlefield that was never conquered by any invader. The United States made a profound mistake of preferring war over a peaceful option. Ron Paul wants American citizens to have a break from the war psychosis and breathe in the smokeless air. He wants them to come out of an erroneous notion as to who was next in the line to be knocked down and bludgeoned. Ron Paul does not believe in the imperious dictation “Either you are with us or not”.

If Ron Paul becomes the president of United States then this country would usher into an era of prosperity. The eroded American economic might and its lofty image as the leading donor country with an enviable democratic system would be revived. The history is a witness, that all the great nations in the past declined and vanished because they busied themselves in wars due to hegemonic and occupation obsessions. With Ron Paul as president, the American society would ease and this spectre of unknown fear from the lurking terrorists would wither away.

Ron Paul is in favor of maintaining a just and decent equilibrium between Israel and her detractors and questions as to why Israel is such an indispensible holy cow that America simply overlooks her 200-300 nuclear missiles. He argues that these nuclear weapons can be as dangerous for the world peace as that of Iran. As such he has laid bare the duplicity and partisanship of the United States’ foreign policy perpetuated and spawned by succeeding administrations.

If we Americans want a real salubrious change in our country and revive the moral grandeur, the constitutional ascendency, America’s splendid social welfare image and an atmosphere of peace at home and abroad, we should vote for Ron Paul for a change.

Ron Paul would certainly use the armed forces if there were real dangers to the American interests abroad but not for concocted or puffed up reasons proffered and pedaled by the powerful lobbies that always want to reap a lion’s share in national wealth by creating grounds that have proven spurious and fabricated.

I shall conclude this piece with a fabulous and inestimable quote of Congressman Ron Paul. “The moral and constitutional obligations of our representatives in Washington are to protect our liberty, not coddle the world, precipitating no-win wars, while bringing bankruptcy and economic turmoil to our people.”

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