Sunday, January 15, 2012

Ron Paul is the only Redeemer in these Desperate Times

January 15, 2012

By Saeed Qureshi

Libertarian candidate Ron Paul’s purported objective to recall American troops engaged in fighting on foreign lands is one monumental step that would save an incredibly huge pile of dollars to be spent at home for rebuilding America.

Ron Paul is the person among the whole lot of Republican candidates for the presidential race who does not mince words nor speaks with tongue in cheeks.
He is honest and a true American who can redeem our country from an abyss it is immersed up to scalp. The Republican candidates make the same tall yet inane promises of flowing milk and honey in this country are hypocritical and harping on the same superfluous tunes that so many others like them have done in the past but when in power shirked from fulfilling their commitments.

The cardinal issues among others in the ongoing debates are jobs, poor economy, and size of the government, taxation, and social services like infrastructure, healthcare and education. We have tried and voted into power the ultra-conservatives and we have also supported the so called moderates who pledged making this country the greatest of all. No one delivered in accord with their high sounding promises and fell back in the lap of pressure groups that loot this country on various pretexts.

There was a God given chance for America to lead the world after the defeat of the Soviet Union in Afghanistan in 1989 following the decade long war that was essentially fought by the Mujahedeen and even Muslim jihadist drawn from all over the world. The senior Bush rousingly declared the heralding of a new world order to be lorded over by mighty United States. That was one unique and defining moment of glory and accomplishment for the United States.

But instead of leading the world with justice, equality, neutrality, equanimity, peace and prudence, the United States turned against the very Islamic warriors who rendered incredible sacrifices for United States catapulting it to the dizzying heights of splendor and realization of a cherished dream which was to defeat a formidable adversary in both ideological and military terms.

What the senior Bush had proudly pronounced, his unscrupulous son the junior Bush nullified and brought America into a sordid and horrendous situation of military warfare by reigniting wars in Afghanistan followed by another war in Iraq for counterfeit and spurious reasons that changed from time to time. The resultant colossal loss of life on both sides and ruinous fallout on American economy are writ large.

Now America has a three trillion dollars deficit due to spending on wasteful and unjustified wars. The Muslim nations, by and large have been aligned with the liberal and capitalist West whose resources such as oil was voraciously used by America and the west on easy terms.

But forgetting of the historic role of the Muslims in Afghanistan, the deplorable attacks of September 11, 2001 carried out by a few misguided Arab young individuals were put in the lap of the entire Muslim world. America initiated a new war that was labeled as “Clash of civilizations. But primarily its undertones were west led by America versus the Islamic nations.

Now it in indeed a belated realization by America that instead of hanging on to these decades long fruitless wars, it was indispensible to recoil and withdraw due to escalating drastic downturn of American economy. One may ask that besides plunging the entire glob into a decades’ long turmoil, what worthwhile benefits this great country has derived, except a battered economy, neglecting domestic development, stalling space exploration, hyped cost of living, and lowering the morale of the Americans with despondent feelings of losing hope.

It is in this challenging situation and accelerating deterioration that we need a new leader with a vision distinctly different from the stereo demagogues and habitual promise makers. Such a leader is no one else but Ron Paul who is neither left nor rights, neither hard line conservative nor a socialist but a sincere modest leader who can redeem America from further drift and decline.

All other contestants among the Republicans and Democrats are in favor of the exploitative pressure groups, influential lobbyists, ruthless corporations and rapacious big business sectors. These aspirants for power seldom talk of taxing the rich and wealthy and super duper business and industrial tycoons, because they draw fabulous financial benefits and huge donations from them and return the odious compliment by supporting legislation to safeguard their self-serving interests.

Ron Paul is brave, outspoken, and offers a remarkable manifesto for real change from status quo and universal antagonism to bridling the decadence at home and making amends with the world at large. Ron is one distinguished person among the whole lot who does not have sleazy or doubtful baggage from his past. He is modest in living and unlike his contenders is neither a tried horse nor filthy rich.

The lobbies of special group interest closely or remotely remain linked with the politicians and the congressmen and senators for facilitating legislation that keeps their economic regimes intact and ensure huge profit making. Ron Paul is not only against external purposeless wars but has substantive agenda for restoring and reviving the real America that was laid-out by the illustrious founding fathers of this unique nation.

He favors modest and small sized government and check the greed of the cutthroat elite and wealthy classes. He is unflinchingly committed and is a veritable successor of those eminent leaders who shaped America and had a great far-reaching luminous vision to indemnify the liberties and fundamental rights of the citizens.

So America needs to straighten its moral rudder which can be only performed by Ron Paul who talks of fairness, non partisanship and non interference in other countries affairs. He supports a nation for the Palestinian state so that an historic injustice is put right. He wants both Israel and Palestinian states to exist side by side.

He does not want another war front to be opened against Iran for no compelling reasons. The influential war lobbies in United States would bitterly oppose such an earnest American as he is one who is challenging their urge for war mongering and speaks for civil liberties and rights of the American people.
As far nuclear technology and weapons he equates Israel and Iran at par and wants to also focus on Israel’s nuclear stockpiles in comparison to Iran. The Obama administration is fomenting the same confrontational environment with Iran as George Bush did with the Taliban way back in 2001. If that ruse did not pay the then administration then there is a slim likelihood that it would benefit the incumbent administration as well.
Ron Paul wants to wash off and rectify deformities in American foreign policy and in her relations with the rest of the world. He abhors pick and choose policy by making friends and foes, create fictitious conditions for launching wars and then recoil after horrendous damage and loss, as we can witness in case of Afghanistan and Iraq.

If Ron Paul is elected to the highest office in America which is presidency, he would be a true reformer and a committed redeemer setting this country on a course that would endear it to the entire world. Such a policy would bring to an end or scale it down the malignancy and rivalry that exists between America and other countries dubbed as hostile.

It is high time that America instead of perpetuating deadly wars should think of winning the hearts and minds of the world population. It should desist from creating hostile pockets dividing the nations and then supporting one against the other. A soft and friendly America can rule the world under a new benign order provided it embarks upon a path of fraternity with all nations and shuns the syndrome of hostile or allied nations and war psychosis.

It should be carrot that should be used to rally the states around her and not stick and gun that provoke hatred and bring bad name to America; otherwise the biggest donor for humanitarian causes on the face of the earth. Let America for a change prove that it can be friend and humane to the other states and was shunning belligerency and propensities for hegemony.

It is foregone that the countries whether hostile or friendly would respond to such benign postures, with an equal measure of warmth, goodwill and an earnest desire to make the world an abode of peace, harmony and progress.

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