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Soofi Ameer Khan’s Miraculous Prayer for Azeem Sultan

February 7, 2012

By Saeed Qureshi

A statement dated October 4, 2007 issued by well known saint Hafiz Sheikh Ameer Khan narrates the following spectacular episode.

“Follow up miracle story of Mr. Azeem khan: 4 years ago he was in a coma for 17 days, suffering from a brain tumour and damaged lung resulting from an overdose of narcotics. He had no pulse and the doctors had removed all equipment from his body. The family had arrived from Pakistan to take his body for burial in Pakistan.”
“When the mosque Imam asked me to pray for this man, as he gave the mosque the largest individual donation, I arrived at the hospital and prayed quietly fro Allah to extend his life span to another 10 years. He was at that time 82 years. Within seconds he opened his eyes and greeted everyone. Two doctors were present in his room when I visited. Five days later he was discharged and his son took him back to Pakistan. One month later both doctors became Muslims.”

“Today I received the enclosure from Azeem Sultan. He is planning to welcome me to Pakistan—I have never visited Pakistan. Also he is sending me a ticket covering my trip to India and Pakistan.”
Cordially yours,
Hafiz Ameer A. Khan, Naqshbandia Soofia

Earlier in a letter dated July 20, 2005, Azeem Sultan sent an email to Soofi Ameer Khan Sahib with this message:
“Indeed it is in acceptance of your very sincere prayers and Dua that Allah (swt) in His infinite Mercy and Divine Blessing has granted me another span of life after such severe illness and hospitalization for sixteen days fighting for life and death at the Medical city Dallas Hospital. I am glad to say that I am almost fully recovered and am enjoying Allah’s gift of life and health, with family and friends.”

These two statements irrefutably corroborate each other. The patient earnestly acknowledges that he got a new lease of life as a result of the prayer of Hafiz Ameer Khan when he was lying in a hospital in a desperate state of “fighting for life.” That state of fighting for life has been very clearly described as in a “state of coma, with no pulse” and when even the life supporting equipment was removed.

That prayer was uttered by Soofi Sahib on January 22, 2002 at midnight aside the bed of Azeem Sultan beseeching the almighty God to extend the patient’s life for another ten years. According to Hafiz Sahib, Azeem Sultan died around midnight on January 22, 2012.Those were exactly ten years that Soofi Sahib had prayed to God to be granted to Azeem Sultan.

Is it not a unique phenomenon that in lucid term can be defined as miracle? The ten years reprieve of life by the supplication of Hafiz Sahib and the deliverance of the patient from a terminable malady offers an eloquent testimony to the effectiveness of the prayer of Hafiz Ameer Khan. God has understandably endowed Hafiz Ameer Khan with special powers to heal the sick and afflicted people and rescue those who get into serious crises.

One can also imagine the utter helplessness of Azeem Sultan being without breathing and his family coming to the hospital to take away his body as he had reached a point of no recovery. All these aspects point towards one inescapable conclusion that it could be only the God almighty who on the prayer of a pious man, could grant a new life to a patient who was almost pronounced dead by his doctors.

The doctors were simply dumbfounded as to how a dying or almost dead person could be revived in matter of minutes. They have since embraced Islam as a result of this inexplicable yet spectacular happening and are now devotees of Sheikh Ameer Khan.
Azeem Sultan used to be a member of the American Muslim Caucus. In Dallas he would be staying for brief periods, whenever he would come from Pakistan. He was one of those philanthropists who would generously respond to the appeals for financial help with fabulous donations for Islamic causes.

Mr. Khaliq Qureshi who is one of the most devoted disciples of Hazrat Ameer Khan Sahib had meet Azeem Sultan in Dallas/Fort Worth, in of the assemblages of the American Muslim Caucus. They became friends.

In his visit to Pakistan in the summer of 2007, Mr. Khaliq Qureshi, as a gesture of courtesy, called upon Azeem Sultan at his Karachi residence. It was during their conversations that Mr. Azeem Sultan told Mr. Khaliq the story of his miraculous and speedy recovery from an irredeemable health situation by the prayer of Soofi Ameer Khan. Sheikh Ameer has a long list of such individuals who benefitted from his prayers and blessings when they were caught in most horrendous situations such as having no issue or afflicted by deadly and fatal ailments.

Soofi Ameer Khan is an embodiment of self-denial, austerity, humility, affection and is away from the mundane allurements. He is a person whose life is rich in unselfish service. He prays for the suffering humanity not for money or a fabulous gift or any costly offer. His prayers are free and readily available for any person who is in distress or is faced with a calamity, adversity or misfortune.

Explaining as to how God the merciful answers the prayers of his chosen human beings and pious people, Hazrat Ameer Khan Sahib wrote the following lines in a note dated January 22, 2004, circulated to his Mureeds (devotees) that amply provide a rational for miracles:

“ Nothing is impossible for Allah and miracles are performed by his servants every single second as the living Allah dictates and orders his servants as the holy Quran says in Sura Rehman, ‘which of the favours of your Lord will you deny’?”

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