Sunday, July 15, 2012

An Evening of Mushaira and STARfALL Fund-raising

 July 14, 2012
By Saeed Qureshi
It was one of those fascinating evenings that one tends to remember for quite some time. The venue was Desi restaurant Haveli in the Irving city, Texas. The chief guest of the Mushaira was Dr. Inamul-haq Javed from Pakistan, a great renowned and acclaimed poet of unsurpassed humor. Dr.Amanullah Khan, a cancer specialist, a socialite and poet presided over the function.
Among the poets who articulated their well-crafted poetry compositions were Mrs. Naheed Shad, and Messers Javed Ansari, Farhan Syed, Qaiser Abbas, Saeed Qureshi, Younas Ijaz, Tariq Hashmi and Dr. Amanullah. Mr. Younas Ijaz himself an accomplished and gifted poet, deftly conducted the proceedings of the Mushaira as the stage secretary.
Before the start of the Mushaira session there were two other phases. One was the dinner served and the other was a briefing session by the very dedicated campaigners and promoters of STARfALL: Mr. Rehan and Mr. Qamar Iqbal. Both of them in a lengthy discourse supported by video graphics explained the aims and mission of this nonprofit body that is solely geared towards providing healthy vocations and activities to the youth of Pakistan. Their deliveries carried force and fluency.
Their impressive address throwing light over the past achievements of the STARfALL also contained a fervent appeal for donation so that they could carry on their vital mission of channeling and harnessing the energies and talents of the deserving and competing young students of Pakistan within the age bracket of 6-18 years.
One can learn about the unique and revolutionary program of this organization on their website: . STARfALL stands for Science and Technology Awareness and Recognition for ALL.
Finally the much awaited moment arrived. It was for the honorable chief guest to recite his soul-stirring, spell-binding and indeed laughter-packed poetry that always leaves a lasting effect on the listeners. The audience who were eagerly waiting for this moment to come listened to Dr. Inam’s recital with rapt attention and enjoyed it to their hearts’ fill. Dr. Inam’s petry is also a satire on the social evils and vices that he portrays in his inimibale style and diction.
Each line that he uttered was responded by huge applause and merriment by the listeners. Of course such occasions to be in the company of a distinguished poet of healthy and nourishing humor, come rarely for the Desi immigrant community. It was therefore a unique occasion that would remain fresh in the memories of the audience of this social evening.
At the end there was a photographic session with the chief guest.   

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