Tuesday, August 28, 2012

PTI”s Eid Milan Dinner: a Magnificent Function

August 26, 2012
By Saeed Qureshi

The Edi Milan dinner hosted by the DFW chapter of Pakistan Tehrik-e- Insaf (PTI) on August 25, in a local hotel, turned out to be a splendid event. The food was excellent, plentiful and decidedly sumptuous and delicious.
The banquet hall of Kasra an Iranian restaurant in Richardson was bustling with the guests mostly families. Some of them had come with their children.
The main event was to update and enlighten the DFW audience about the plans and manifesto of the PTI that it would implement if voted into power. The president of the PTI for this region Mr. Nadeem Zaman made a brilliant and passionate presentation about the PTI’s activities during the past year in DFW particularly and elsewhere in the United States generally. He spoke about the PTI’s marked progress and great strides toward its expansion and increasing its membership both in DFW and beyond that.
He informed the guests that from its one single chapter, the PTI has grown now to 70 chapters. This amazing expansion he said was an incontrovertible testimony and evidence to the fact that the PTI’s revolutionary program for transformation of Pakistan into a great and developed nation was in sync with the aspirations of the People of Pakistan.
He talked of the dedicated team that was working very hard to popularize PTI and disseminate its watershed agenda that was indispensable and long overdue for changing the destiny of Pakistan and modeling it into a modern state. He said that Imran Khan would be coming to Dallas sometime in October.
Another speaker Mr. Ali Farooq (PTI Dallas Information Secretary) also dwelt at length at reforms and changes that PTI would bring about in Pakistan if it comes into power. He hoped that the people of Pakistan would overwhelmingly vote for the PTI so that they can get rid of a corrupt lot of leaders and decadent system that have ruined our magnificent country of origin in various ways.
He disclosed that in order to ensure that voting would be fair and honest; a contingent of ten members from the PTI would be posted at every polling station.  It means that some one hundred thousand volunteers would undertake this onerous task. He mentioned about the declaration of their assets by the top leaders of the PTI which so far has not been done by other parties to notches.
Ms. Anjum Anwar(member PTI Dallas Organizing Committee) a famous radio host was the compere of this great and awesome evening resplendent with a sumptuous dinner studded with Iranian cuisine, music, tableau by the young children. All the speakers unfurled the curtain raiser of a vital political force emerging on the political horizon of Pakistan, i.e., Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf under the stewardship of its illustrious chairman Imran Khan.
The children stage show was a stunning combination of prayers, national anthem and Allama Iqbal’s (poet of the East) famous poem (Lab pay Atee hay Dua).The children were awarded souvenirs for their well prepared stage tableau.

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