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If The Google does not Block the Baleful Video……..

 September 15, 2012
By Saeed Qureshi
Google, the leading Internet Mughal has declined a request by the White House to block the controversial video that denigrates and caricatures the founder of Islam prophet Muhammad. The giant media network argues that it was not consistent with its belief in freedom of speech policy to block the highly inflammatory 13 minute video. Its argument which is patently hollow when it insists that “It had already determined that the video did not violate its terms of service regarding hate speech. In this case, the video stays up because it is against the Islam religion but not Muslim people”.
Now per say even if the video does not violate the terms of service regarding the freedom of speech, Google should withdraw it because its projection is causing so much of turmoil in at least 20 Muslim countries that are violently protesting its footage. The main country being unjustifiably hit is the United States of America. The United States is also taken by surprise and has no role in the making of the incendiary film. It was the dirty work of some four individuals who made this detestable and uncalled-for film that has hurt the religious feelings of about over one billion Muslims around the world.
The freedom of speech is not a cogent and compelling reason while the Western and American embassies are being targeted, assailed, and burned and their staff members exposed to grave danger to their lives. What other reasons or grounds could be as imperative and unassailable as the lives of human beings lost on both the sides.
The United States for no obvious reasons has to face the brunt of this fury and bulging deluge of violent protests and besieging of her embassies from the enraged Muslims. The Muslims are genuinely hurt and outraged because their most revered figure and founder of the religion is being vilified, slandered and mocked in such a shameful, brazen, crude and bizarre manner.
The freedom of speech looks mere taboo behind which the Google is taking shelter. This roller coaster rule should not be applicable to defaming and reviling the most adored and esteemed personalities, all the more the exalted messengers of God who have connected the humans with the creator of the universe and were a model of exemplary character and superb conduct for humankind.
The religious prejudice and hate apart, but the fact is that all the apostles of God, be it the Jesus Christ, Muhammad (pbuh) the Moses, the Gautama Buddha, Guru Nanak and others were people of immaculate integrity, profound sublimity and great blessing for the oppressed segments of humanity.” Even if someone does not believe in a particular religion, he or she has no right to malign, despise and spread hatred against their rival faith and their founders.
It is highly regrettable that we live in 21st century which is exploding with unbounded knowledge and man is reaching the thus far unknown and uncharted frontier of the universe.  The mental outlooks are broadening, the civil liberties sprouting and the geographical boundaries are getting meaningless. Yet we have a pedigree of human beings who live in the lurid medieval past, the age of crusades and who are trying to inflame and trigger the religious animosity and bad blood.
“While the Rome was burning Roman Emperor Nero was playing his flute” as the story goes.  In the prevailing scenario while the whole world is witnessing the burgeoning catastrophe and the interstate relations being dismantled, the mighty unleashed Google is sticking to its spurious and frivolous claim of freedom of speech. That argument or plea, arguably, logically and morally, does not apply to the ongoing crisis, getting worse and violent by the day.
It is like abusing some one's mother or father. If the insult to the parents cannot be swallowed, how come that derision and smear of the spiritual leaders of such a vast humanity can be tolerated and stomached by the believers. In this case the Islamic believers respect their prophet more than such precious relations.
If the Google does not heed the White House’s request to remove this extremely damaging, diabolic and mischievous video then the Jews, Christians and Muslims, Sikhs and Hindus should jointly register their protest by boycotting the Google outlets and its search engines so as to show their repugnance and annoyance against the dubious conspiracy and machination by some nasty person of targeting an exalted prophet.  It would also be helpful in soothing and placating the enraged Muslims. May be it impels Google to remove it from the YouTube.
It is also necessary to halt the anti-American rage that is getting fiercer and might water down the fruits of the Arab spring that was an historic milestone in democratizing those countries teetering under the oppressive tyrants for ages. Should we call it the clash of civilizations? But which is the biggest scapegoat of this pernicious chain of horrendous development? Woefully it is our country the United States of America.

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