Thursday, October 4, 2012

Did Romney’s Tall Claims Sit Well with the Audience?

October 4, 2012
By Saeed Qureshi

The answer is emphatic ‘No”. What the watchers marveled was that why president Obama a fiery speaker and an expert in the art of debating chose to be shy and unresponsive to the overblown arguments of his Republican rival. That unexpected change in an otherwise vocal and eloquent Obama's posture was a sheer disappointment for countless of his fans. But there could be a method in his studied oblivion and avoidance of stern retort that he could have easily whipped up.

Speculatively, he wanted Romney to dish out any amount of claims with a tinge of falsehood and distortions. He might have left it for the people to judge how ill-informed, deceptive and evasive his opponent was with regard to the grave and monumental national issues.

It would not be difficult for the perceptive citizens to figure out that Romney was making false and frivolous pledges that were simply unattainable. He was trying to vouch even those claims that were primarily on the agenda of the Democratic Party.

He made such catchy and rosy claims as to save 5 trillion dollars and tax cuts for the middle class and offer another version of Medicare that he tried to argue was better than that of the Democrats. In fact that five trillion would go to the rich robber barons because of low taxation on them.
In an inane rhetoric that rang hollow, he was trying to pamper the armed forces by offering a 2 trillion dollar trough which the discerning observers know was the token or down money for starting the war against Iran. He pledged to make the armed forces stronger. But the nagging question is: for what war that posed a danger to America? The irony is that the military has not even asked for that money.

Is he not aware that since WWII America has been involved in distant wars every single day and without any respite. These wars had remained inconclusive and counterproductive with regard to realizing the American dream of lording over new world order under its aegis.

The Korean War divided that nation into two hostile parts. The Vietnam War not only divided that small land into two ideological adversaries but culminated into a hasty and ignominious withdrawal from that country.

The Iraq war has been a lingering trauma and a bleeding sore for the Iraqi people. It cost American tax payers a mind boggling trillion dollars or more. At the end of the day the civil and sectarian strife has returned to that bedeviled country. The Afghanistan war can continue till eternity without any outcome in favor of the occupation forces.

So if Romney wants to engage Iran in another military conflict then he seems to be grossly detached with the history of America wars after the Second World War. Or he is simply playing with American people by exploiting the patriotism card that has been a favorable pastime of the successive Republican dispensations all these decades.

Or he is trying to curry favor with Israel to win the support of the unassailable Jewish lobbies within America for winning elections. Or else he wanted to perpetuate the clash of civilizations doctrine to attack and demolish another country that rivals Israel.

Despite a sluggish and low key display by Obama, the American people do not want to believe in the claims that Mitt Romney was blurring out. The people know a pervasive mess and chaos what the 8 years of Republican administration under a hawkish ultra-right Evangelist president Bush has landed this country into.

They also know that four years of Obama’s presidency have been like an oasis in a sizzling desert or a coveted spell of rainfall after a long phase of stifling drought and suffocating stagnation. All the calamities that befell America in recent times can be solely attributed to that era of G. W. Bush that ravished this country with uncalled-for jingoism and mindless saber-rattling in the distant lands either to cheer the radical Christian lobbies within America or to cajole and pacify Israel.

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