Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Pakistan Day Mela by PAAT was Immensely Joyful

April 14, 2014
By Saeed Qureshi
I wish most of the Pakistanis should have attended this magnificent Mela (fair) held on April 13
at the beautiful and spacious lawns of Rockledge Park located along the winding Grapevine Lake with blue water.

This unique assemblage was arranged by PAAT (Pakistan American Association of Texas) to commemorate the adoption of two momentous events. One was Lahore Resolution on March 23 1940 and the adoption of the first constitution of Pakistan  on 23 March 1956.The Lahore Resolution also called the “Pakistan Resolution” was a “formal political statement adopted by the All-India Muslim League  Lahore  British India

The Pakistan Resolution served as the stepping stone or the prelude to a concerted movement by All India Muslim League for an independent state of Pakistan which came into being on August 14, 1947.The Pakistanis celebrate it as the Pakistan’s Independence Day.

I am delighted to pay rich and sincere tribute to president of PAAT, Dr. Amir Suleman and his close associates particularly Dr. Javed Ajmal for making this Mela as a unique and memorable event. To me it was a trend-setter and hopefully would be observed and repeated every year in the same fashion by conducting it in the open and scenic places like this one. Or else it could be celebrated in spacious halls where one could enter without a costly ticket or by choice of the organizers.

Recently there was another similar function in the city but the entry was confined only to those individuals who could pay for the ticket and thereafter enjoy a sumptuous dinner and a lavish musical extravaganza. Being a journalist for me it was for the first time in my journalistic career that a Pakistani organization blatantly informed me and Jinab Shah Sahib and Jinab Khanzada Sahib to pay for attending that celebration of Pakistan Day. Since I am a resource-less journalist I had no alternative but to ignore that option.

Coming back to the captivating festival at the Rockledge Park, I must picture the whole proceedings for those readers who could not join this magnificent show for a variety of reasons. The day could be described as one of the finest in the wake of the ongoing spring season that we see all around us. The grass is lush green and sprouting, the flowers are budding and blooming, the air is cool and nourishing; the light of the sun is soothing and sparkling in the crystal clear atmosphere.

There was a plenty of space for the guests to sit as comfortably as they could. The families and the women folks attired in finest dresses enhanced the galore and charm of this national day event. The children were kicking around and going to various playful places like swings and sit-in giant bubble canopy created especially for them. The kite flying was one of the enjoyable spectacles of the day at the park. The wind was strong and hence a favorable help for the kite flying fans.

The package of entertainments planned for children and adult alike included interesting games and sport components. These were, Pony Rides, limo rides, Mickie mouse, Patang Baazi, Punjabi Bhangra dance and so on.The free pizza was served. The speeches were made to highlight and pay eloquent tributes to the pioneering leaders especially the founder of Pakistan Quid-e- Azam for his foresight and political acumen and determination for winning an independent state for the Muslims of the sub-continent.

A few singers displayed their singing skills but the most astounding and professional performance was that of Akbar Lakhani. Mr. Lakhani sang songs that were as good as if sung by the original singers. He is indeed a very versatile lyricist and can look ahead for a great future in the art of singing. So was Zuhra Chishiti who sang a national and patriotic song. Besides the whole crowd sang Dil Dil Pakistan: the signature national song for the love of Pakistan. This soul-stirring song echoed in the serene environs of the public park. The Pakistan anthem was also sung collectively by the participants.

The Mela resumed at 2PM and came to close at 7PM. But certainly this was immensely joyful this and the participants profoundly liked it. As a journalist and as a neutral observer I can portray this national fair as a resounding success of the PAAT. The organizers and the PAAT members can genuinely take pride in presenting a most delightful and novel pattern of celebrating the Pakistan Day.

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