Sunday, June 15, 2014

Get Rid of Taliban and other Murderous Religious Warriors

June 9, 2014
By Saeed Qureshi

The Taliban terrorists and suicide bombers defiantly stormed the VIP and Cargo terminal at Jinnah International airport in Karachi around midnight on June 9. In that attack 31 people including 10 terrorists were killed. Beside several individuals were also injured. Mercifully they could not inflict ant serious damage to the aircrafts and other precious assets.

 This attack once again brings into sharp focus the extreme urgency of an ultimate military action to conclusively wipe off the Taliban cult and other anti Pakistan religious warriors and thus rid Pakistan of this unremitting scourge and odious, burgeoning menace. After Mehran Base attack, Karachi once again is gripped by a state of paralysis and mayhem. This ferocious and dare-devil attack by these barbarians has again sent shock waves of panic and fright throughout Pakistan.

If the rulers cannot ensure the safety of the people then better they resign and quit power. The present government’s endeavors to build bridge of understanding with Taliban are mere wastage of time. The Taliban who have scant regard for the sanctity of human lives do not deserve nor should be shown any mercy.
The Taliban would never lay down their arms because in their perverted version of Islam they prefer to die to hasten to be in paradise for ideal pleasures and eternal life. 

They do not understand that Islam and other religions exhort sanctity and safety of human beings in a society. How long the political establishments in Pakistan would remain aloof with and watch with folded hands for the day to come when these Taliban would abandon their murderous creed and become loyal citizens. That day would never come and it would be an elusive hope for Mian Nawaz Sharif and the PMLN governments to keep hoping for a fantasy that would never see the light of the day.

It is high time for Nawaz Sharif and the PMLN government stalwarts to shake off their complacency and mobilize the armed forces to nab and decimate each and every member of Taliban cult who are not only declared enemy of Pakistanis but also of the humanity at large. They should stop watching their fellow countrymen being butchered and killed by these human predators who are totally devoid of compassion or basic human feelings for the people of Pakistan.

Such a military action should be constant, coordinated and unstoppable till the last Taliban is finished and the people of Pakistan can feel safe. The pernicious and damaging impact on the economy of Pakistan is colossal and takes time, and funds to be recouped. So this futile game of enticing the monsters in the garb of Taliban should now come to an end.

If the government is still reluctant to unleash a ruthless crack down on Taliban then let the army on its own volition take this most indispensable onslaught and finish the job of eliminating these later day assassins once and for all. Otherwise Pakistan is doomed and would remain subservient to the killing sprees and criminal and bulging demands and dedicates of these murderous thugs.

Such a military onslaught must not be halted or punctured halfway without rooting out this looming menace destabilizing Pakistan with their orgy of blood and incessant terrorism. The Taliban militants have been attacking the military complexes and headquarters with impunity inflicting heavy losses both human casualties and serious blows to military equipment including blowing up military air-crafts.

If the strikes and anti-Taliban offensive continues unabated for quite some time, one can forebode the crippling and elimination of this furious pedigree of religious fighters who by their savage militancy are serving neither Islam nor the people at large
The paramount question is why there should be a soft corner for these brutal and merciless killers when they do not possess an iota of compassion for the innocent people and instead kill and terrorize them and subdue the government to submit to their beastly demands.
An isolated island of merciless, intolerant and narrow minded regime as the Taliban want to establish never existed, nor can it function. Such a regime cannot be compatible with the norms of independence, fusion of cultures and integration that is pervading the globe.

So the elements and forces within Pakistan that harbor some kind of sympathy and support for these queer and freak beasts and later day Islamic crusaders should rethink their outlook. The Taliban are the product of the last two or three decades.

Let the PMNL government move with an unshakable resolve and accomplish the indispensable task without further loss of time. let the government establish the writ of the state of Pakistan.

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