Friday, August 22, 2014

That is how a Delta Staffer treated me!

Saeed Qureshi
Editor Upright Opinion

My grandson was scheduled to fly on August 21 at 2.p.m. from Dallas Texas to New York by Delta flight number 6012. Since he is a minor, as per rules, I had to escort him to the departure lounge E-12. The female attendant took the documents. All the passengers including my grandson were checked in. The E-12 departure gate was closed at about 1.45 p.m.

I requested the attendant if I could leave as my grand-daughter was scheduled to fly by the next Delta flight Number 5975 from E-17. She said that until the plane rises in the air I cannot leave. For another hour she did not permit me to go and each time when I would request her to let me know if the plane had taken off her response would be that she could not confirm if the plane had departed. That was a very curt and odd response. She detained for me for about one hour although the flight had left on time exactly at 2.p.m.

It is utterly strange that working at the departure lounge, how she would not know if the plane had departed or not. By about 3 o’clock I was mentally distressed and felt that she was purposely detaining me either for being a sadist or for racial reasons. Otherwise there couldn't be any earthly reason on the part of that Delta employee to keep me in a state of utter anxiety, uncertainty and frustration for one hour.

After one hour when I requested her again if I could go out because my sick wife (with foot disability) was waiting out. She disdainfully and in a highly authoritative tone told me, ‘you may go but remain standby as we may call you again” That would mean unending wait.

Would someone be kind enough to rationalize this unbelievably bizarre attitude of the employee of otherwise a reputable airline. For the past 24 hours I have failed to shake off the trauma that I have suffered at the hands of that attendant. Although there have been moments of stress with me previously but none was so awful and tormenting.

We had arrived at 10 a.m., with two minor grandchildren at the airport for check-in for the two flights one leaving at 12 noon for my granddaughter and the other for my grandson at 2.p.m. The granddaughter’s flight was cancelled for the next morning without any intimation to us but on our imploring the counter girl rescheduled that for the same day at 5 p.m. 

That was yet another unexpected agony that we were subjected to by Delta staff. Besides, I was not issued the security clearance pass along with other documents at the outer counter to accompany my grandson to the E-12 departure lounge (sterile area). We had to go through the rigorous drill again from start to reaching the security clearance enclosure.

I would therefore, urge the Delta top management to seriously remove the loopholes in their system and take stern action against those employees who by their misdeeds and bloated ego are tarnishing the image of Delta which is the second largest airline. I would also request the Delta administrators to at least ask that lady as to why she kept me at the airport as a captive for so long without any valid reason or justification.

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