Sunday, February 15, 2015

Shame upon Pakistan’s Cricket Team

February 15, 2015
By Saeed Qureshi

Was the first match for the world cup between the cricket teams of India and Pakistan fixed? Was it fixed while the match was in progress or prior to the match? This latest Indian victory is sixth in the row against Pakistan. Is Virat Kohli always invincible for the Pakistani bowlers and fielders and even this time too? In case of Kohli why the easy catch behind the wicket and another at the boundary were dropped by Pakistani fielders? An easy catch given by a Pakistani batman at the slip could be a willful loss.

 Apart from the empire’s deliberate tilt towards the Indian team, the fact is as evident as the daylight that at some point during the play there could be a tinkling from somewhere for the Pakistani team to go slow and then the domino effect started.

The Pakistani team seems to be incurably scared of the Indian cricketers by nursing a preemptive notion that they are not going to ever win against Indian cricket team. Is it written in the scriptures that Pakistani team would lick the dust every time it plays against its traditional rival India?

Winning or losing on merit is immaterial but to lose under pressure from the invisible quarters or for perks and financial gains settled behind the doors by international brokers in connivance with team mangers and coordinators is downright disgrace and is unforgivable. It is like selling the national honor for personal gains.

Such a possibility in fixing this vitally crucial match on the part of some Pakistani players cannot be ruled out. Also with a preconceived defeatist mentality how Pakistani cricket team could be trusted that in future it would deliver the best of its performance in such prestigious, historical and rare matches?

Dismissal of four batsmen just for four runs in a quick succession, smacks of deliberate and premeditated wrong doings on the part of those players. Except vibrant yet under pressure skipper of Pakistani team Misbah-ul-Haq who scored 76 runs, the other batsmen were either sold out or frightened enough to give in easily and play faulty strokes.

It would be in order to sift the facts and unearth the backdoor intriguing and bargaining or pressures.  To do so an inquiry team compromising unflinchingly honest members should be constituted.
It is time for Pakistani authorities dealing with such high profile and prestigious sport as cricket to ponder and deliberate why there have been such humiliating setbacks for cricket in Pakistan.  

The Pakistani’s team blatant defeat at Adelaide is a wake-up call to reassess and take stock of the downfall of the cricket in Pakistan and repeated miserable output by the Pakistani players. The onus falls upon the selection team of six members who prefer their own horses to run.

The Selection committee members invariably have an impression of being biased in the selection of the right and typically professional players. All of sudden the most deserving and the competent are dropped and those with meager expertise are taken in. 

It would be better if this number of six is reduced to only three individuals who should be men of absolute integrity, should have the moral courage to reject outside interference and keep their nose to the grinding stone while making a selection of the players.

It is a moment of reckoning also for the government as well as the cricket board to select the players on the basis of their performance and clean past. The cricket Board needs to be reconstituted and only such members should be inducted who have a passion of patriotism, are truly nationalist in their outlook and uncompromising in right decision making for a bright and glorious cricket. If in that situation even if Pakistan loses there would be no bickering or pointing of accusing fingers toward the selectors.
Otherwise such humiliating and disdainful failings keep happening the cricket  fans even the common Pakistanis might lose interest and faith in the fairness and expertise of the selected in putting up an excellent team. Unfortunately the Pakistani cricket domain is also infest and polluted like politics. This murky situation needs to be drastically addressed sooner the better.
Nevertheless the India team deserves a hearty tribute and warm congratulation for proving their mettle and winning this most crucial match with flying colors. Hopefully it would have the glory and honor of emerging once again as the world champion by defeating the other teams. If that happens this would be the third time India would attain this singular distinction. Earlier India won this title in 1983 and 2011.


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