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Is there a method in Donald Trump’s Weirdness?

February 26, 2016
By Saeed Qureshi

I am not aware about the character, personality and idiosyncrasies of the previous Presidents of the United States. But certainly we can figure out that the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has a peculiar personality which brooks no compassion, modesty or restraint in dishing out his policies and plans that he would implement if he becomes the president of the United States.

Yet he is getting popular by the day and his rallies are huge by numbers. He is admired by a sizable chunk of the population. The people attend his rallies in huge numbers and enjoy his speeches that carry jeers, racial and religious slurs, nasty personal attacks and rebukes. 

If he wins the Republican nomination and finally wins the presidency also, America might become a pariah state and denuded of its liberalism, pluralism, an abode of the profusion and glare of human rights and equality, individual freedom and even its status of being the world leader.

His exudes an irritable disposition and shuns contradictions and divergence to his weird views and perceptions. In his largely attended public rallies and town hall meetings, he vociferously displays his shortness of temper and unbridled fit of anger. He takes leave of the discretion and sobriety to such an extent that he wanted to punch protester in one of his rallies.

He is against the Muslims living in the United States and wants to put surveillance on their activities. In one of his earlier statements he announced monitoring and closing the mosques. He is against the womenfolk branding them as fat pigs etc.  He is against the Latino population in United States and wants to stop their inflow by erecting a 30 feet high expensive barrier on the borders between Mexico and the United States.

He denounces China and Japan, the leading trade partners of America on the accusation of grabbing billions of dollars from America each year. He would stop the inflow of the Syrian immigrants to United States who are the most hapless and distressed people fleeing from a devastating civil war. Trump doesn’t seem to believe in the milk of human kindness. He blows hot and cold at the same time and looks freakish by the convoluted contours of his face and body.

He has pledged to quash and nullify all the far reaching programs and decisions that were accomplished and implemented during president Obama’s two terms as president. Some of these watershed acts are Obama Medicare, closing of Guantanamo prison, reestablishing diplomatic relations between Cuba and USA and lifting of embargoes on Iran.

It seems that he is becoming a liability even for the Republican Party, though known as the conservative and rightist political party.  Yet the GOP would not go along the plans and measures that Trump which wants to enforce as the president o the United States. Now who has the audacity and even commonsense to call the Vatican Pope as “not a Christian”?

His counterparts and contenders within the Republican Party are opposing him for his wild dreams and outlandish proclamations which in fact would isolate America from most of the world at large. With his crazy mindset he may even go at war against the Islamic states particularly Iran to indirectly lend a support to Israel.

It would be simply a mayhem and kind of Armageddon prophesied in scriptures. No one can guess at the moment if he would be Antichrist or supporter of Christ. Keeping in view his aggressive disposition he would rather be an Antichrist for announcing warfare and use of brute military force against countries that he perceives as hostile.

In the CNN GOP Republican presidential debate at Houston( February 25) both Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz gave a hard time and tough drubbing to Trump who seemed to be embarrassed for the first time in his debate and town hall meetings. 

It looks that his chances of reaching the pinnacle and getting the nomination of the Republican Party are getting slimmer. Both Cruz and Rubio quoted instances of Tax fraud by Donald Trump and his unfair treatment to the workers hired by him from time to time. Rubio particularly mentioned Polish workers who were grievously wronged by Trump in various ways.

There is no doubt that Hillary is going to win the Democratic nomination as his contenders are not as versatile, effective and articulate as he has been in all her debates and speeches. So far the primary results show Hillary winning 505 delegates. In comparison Donald has only 8 delegates. Donald has none of super delegates so far .

But Hillary has 453 super delegates thus far. Donald won in three states of New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada and lost in Iowa. Hillary won two out of three. She won in New Hampshire and Nevada but lost in New Hampshire.

One can hazard a guess that because of his unguarded insolence, wayward declarations and mindless plans Donald has lost much of the ground despite early achievements. Even the Evangelists are now turning to both Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. 

It is possible that one of these two youthful Republicans win the nomination although they are far behind as far numbers in having enough delegates and super delegates and victories in state elections are concerned. In comparison to Trump’s 82 delegates, Ted has 17 and Rubio 16.

Since there are many states left no one can presage who would be the final Republican nominee to face the democratic rival who by all indications is going to be Madam Hillary Clinton.

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