Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Hillary Clinton’s Speech on Economy

June 21, 2016

By Saeed Qureshi

In her land mark speech in Columbus Ohio today, the presumptive Democratic Presidential Nominee Madam Hillary Clinton compared and contrasted her economic agenda as the president of the United states with that of the Republican presumptive candidate Donald Trump. Her speech carried undertones of mocking, satire and tinge of taunts for her Republican contestant for the presidency of the United States.

What was most distinctive and striking during her delivery of monumental speech was her composed demeanor, sobriety and vigor. She disclosed that in preparation of the speech she had to spend extra time and efforts including conferring and consulting her advisors and close associates.

She laid out the inconsistencies and futile economic plans of her rival as to what he did in the past in creating a phony and farcical economic empire fraught with countless bankruptcies, non- payments to his employees and scores of cases pending against him on this count.

Her baggage of arguments about the bogus and failed economic attainment of Donald trump was based upon the following arguments.

-Donald Trump is too dangerous to run the US economy.

-He would send America into a recession."

-All his books written about business ended at Chapter 11 as evidenced by several bankruptcies filed by him in 90s.

-She bitterly opposed Trump’s support for a lower minimum wage, his tax plan and his suggestions about paid family leave.

Referring to Trumps’ plan of negotiating a way-out for full repayment of government bonds, she castigated him by a taunting remark that "The full faith and credit of the United States is not something to gamble away”. She warned that that such a course could lead to an economic catastrophe for the United States.

She augmented her argument by pointing out that even by selling all American aircraft carriers as well as the Statue of Liberty, and letting some billionaire to make Yosemite into a private country club, this repayment was impossible to materialize.

In her address she put a point blank question to Mr. Trump as to why he was not releasing his tax returns. Then she herself gave the reason for that. She claimed that his accounts both income and payments were being audited by Internal Revenue System(IRS). Ms. Clinton aired her doubts that Donald trump may not be as wealthy as he claims or else his claim of doling out charities was not as much as claimed in his Tax returns. Or else he might be having undisclosed and undeclared wealth on which he evaded paying taxes.

One would indeed imagine how come Hillary was aware of this aspect of Donald’s personal money matters. Nevertheless, it is quite a significant information which might carry the implications that if discrepancies are found in Trump’s payment of taxes then he could be prosecuted and thus may have to abandon his campaigning.

Hillary also raised the question of immigration of foreign workers. While supporting the inflow of foreign manpower that she claims was strengthening the American economy, she questioned how such a huge force could be repatriated to their respective countries which itself was a costly gigantic challenge to the American economy.

She also ridiculed Trumps’ resolve to erect a high wall or fence between Mexico and United States. In this regard she opined that it was not only undoable but distasteful to create such a barrier between two neighboring countries.  

While Hillary Clinton is done away with her blistering onset against her Republican rival, let us wait and see what was there in trump’s kitty to make a rebuttal against Madam Hillary.

But honestly such kind of debates are the essence of American democratic culture. Both the candidates present and argue their suitability for the highest office of the country. It depends upon the people and the electorate whom to choose. This political culture speaks for the empowerment of the people and that is the beauty and strength of American politics. It means one should come clean if one aspires for the highest decision making portfolio of USA.

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