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President Trump’s Inauguration and the Day After!

January 22, 2017

By Saeed Qureshi

Within 24 hours of the oath-taking by the newly elected president Donlad Trump of Republican Party at the Capitol Hill, the first executive order that he signed on Friday January 21 was to direct the government agencies “”to scale back as many aspects as possible of the Affordable Care Act or the so-called Obama Healthcare Plan.

The backlash to the first presidential executive order about the Obama Healthcare Plan has been stunning and colossal. Not only within the United States but hundreds of such protests have been observed and planned in the coming days.  President Trump should have taken some time before striking down a healthcare plan that benefitted millions under-privileged and poor sections and individuals of the society.

Incidentally, the “Women March” a representative organization striving for women and children’s rights all over the world held a huge gathering in the vicinity of the White House and Washington Monument to raise voice for women and children rights that would be curtailed by replacing or abolishing Obamacare. It was participated by about over half a million people. That crowd looked much larger than the one that assembled on the previous day to greet president Trump.

It may be worth mentioning that such Women’s Marches occurred all around the world, with 408 marches reported alone in the US, and 168 in other countries. “The march drew hundreds of thousands to Washington D.C. alone and anywhere from 2.9 to 4.2 million in cities throughout the U.S., thus becoming the largest single-day protest in American history”.

During his visit to the CIA headquarters on January 21, he spent a good part of his speech in lambasting the media dubbing them as “among the most dishonest human beings on earth,” accusing them for minimizing the size of the welcome crowd on his inauguration day.

Simultaneously at his first news conference, Sean Spicer the new White House press secretary, severely admonished the journalists for what he described as wrongly and maliciously diminishing the number of the welcoming and pro-Trump crowds on the inauguration day. He threatened to take the action against such newspapers and even journalists. The television showed that the welcome crowd at Obamas’ inauguration in 2009 was much larger than that of Donlad Trump in 2017.

This can be construed as curbing the freedom of expression by intimidation and by threats of using the state machinery against those news channels, newspapers and individuals who write or report such matter that is distasteful to the president and his cohorts. Would, for that matter the Republican Party join hands with him in snubbing the media?

What difference then can be drawn between the controlled and oppressed media of the authoritarian regimes and that of the United States. USA is a true democracy with shining hallmarks of freedom of expression, liberty, religion and pursuit of happiness.

If the new administration intends to curb the freedom of speech and fundamental rights ingrained in the American constitution and which have been in place and respected for almost two hundred years, then it would be the most ignoble disservice to this great country which leads the entire world in matters relating to the respect of its citizens and galore of liberties and a firmly entrenched democratic culture.

It appears that the very start of the term of the 45th president of the United states has been on the thorny grounds and with a mindset of belligerency and bitter relations against whosever criticizes and opposes his government and himself. It is to be seen that in coming days and weeks would the media corps be tamed by strong arms tactics and threats of fixing the detractors.

Interestingly Mr. Trump sent a Tweet rejoinder over the huge Women’s protest gathering on January 21 in Washington and on other rallies in United States and abroad. The message said “Celebs hurt cause badly”.

In another tweet, he boasted that 31 million people watched his inauguration on television that was 11 million more than the ratings from 4 years ago, on Obama’s inauguration. As a matter of fact, president’s Obama’s inauguration was viewed by 38 million people.

President Trump and his team is going to start their governance in the backdrop of a massive show of anger and hatred against the former president and even the media. As such there are grounds to believe that the newly installed administration with president Trump may not last long and may not be able to complete its constitutional term.

It also evident that the president of the mightiest country in the world has engaged himself in a frivolous tit-for-tat tweeting and name calling over such non-issues as to whose crowd was larger and whose was not and whether press reported in his favor or against him. It is unbecoming of a president who should not stoop so low as to engage in a blame game like the children in the streets.

President Trump nurtures a temperament that is shorn of tolerance and compassion. He is in the habit of using filthy expletives and unparliamentary language to discredit or demean his detractors and political adversaries. Among his target of repugnance and diatribe are also the media and individual journalists whom he unabashedly declares as “dishonest media”.

Already the elections under which Donlad Trump won the presidency are shadowed by question marks and controversy. The hacking of 2016 elections has not been entirely ruled out and it is still a big question mark. Until and unless a high-powered inquiry authority finds a conclusive outcome either in affirmative or in negative this issue would remain burning and open to be settled for the satisfaction of the other contender Hillary Clinton and her Democratic Party. The hacking apprehension and issue cannot be swept under the rug.

It would also be pertinent as to how president Trump would deal with South America specifically Mexico and Cuba. If the past bitterness is revived, then it would be a big setback to the policy of reconciliation enunciated by president Obama. At the same time president Trump displays his intense hatred towards the Islamic countries most of whom are the friends of the United States all along. If under the guise of destroying Islamic radicals, the societies in the respective countries are destabilized, then such a strategy or outlook would turn the billions of Muslims against the United States. Why president Donald perceives Islamic countries as enemies?

The best he can do is to help the Islamic countries under threat from internal religious zealots and radical outfits by giving aid, both financial and military, to help them and deal themselves with the indigenous threat of militants. That would be a wiser strategy. If he wants to pursue an unwise course of military intervention, then it would destroy the harmony that exists between most of the Islamic states and the United States thus far.

Instead the hostility between the Islamic states and the United States would pop up. The radicals would rebound and retaliate with a new vigor by pleading that islam was in danger at the hands pf the heathen and Christian societies. This looks like the clash of civilizations or a confrontation between islam and Christianity

The United States is mostly out of the political and military adventures and blocs for a few decades now, notwithstanding the military aid to Syria and Iraq. But such a kind of international crusade is pregnant with extremely frightening consequences and would revive the era of military conflicts; this time against the Islamic world.

Simultaneously president Trump should not frighten the world at large with scary tactics and threats. It is not going to work. He cannot force the American entrepreneurs and industrialists to close their industries and business networks overseas and in countries like China. It is a Herculean task that might take decades to become fruitful and productive. In a period of four years it would be impossible for the entrepreneurs to wind up the huge business conglomerations on the call and in conformity with the wish of the newly elected president.

As such president, Trump’s agenda to expel the undocumented immigrants out of America, browbeat China, destroy the Islamic societies, abolish Obamacare just in opposition to a democratic black president, are non-issues and can blow back in the most negative manner against the incumbent Trump administration. The proposed Wall between Mexico and United States cannot be built in four years’ mandate of the incumbent administration.

In the meantime, one has to ponder why president Trump has a soft corner for the Russian president Vladimir Putin and as to why he abhors Europe, China and most of the Islamic States whose majority is having cordial bilateral relationship with the USA in diverse fields and domains.

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