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Two Magnificent Mushairas in Irving, Texas

April 29, 2017
By Saeed Qureshi

During the ongoing week two marvelous Mushairas (poetry recitation gathering) were convened in Irving Texas under the auspices of “Al-Noor International” founded by Noor Amrohi. Noor Armohi is a literary figure who has to his credit arranging and conducting a trail of such literary and poetic congregation for over a decade.
Noor Amrohi is doing this splendid yet onerous task not for the money and material perks but because of his commitment to promoting Urdu language which is the leading literary and spoken language in the sub content particularly in India and Pakistan. It should be remembered that Urdu is the official and national language of Pakistan.
The first Mushaira was in honor of the local poets and was held on April 28 instant at the Atrium hotel in Irving. It was presided over by Madam Noshi Gillani a celebrated poetess who came all the way from Australia to grace the occasion.
The guest poets and Madam Gillani attended the first day mushaira as mere listeners as it was exclusive to acknowledge and honor the local poets who reside in the DFW region. Naheed Shad a female poetess with exceptional talent in communication and chaste expression was the compere. She had performed her job in an accomplished and highly decent manner that included a brief profile and background of each local poet.
The names of the local poets who participated in this Mushaira are Naheed Shad (who also was the compere), Mrs. Zuhra Chishti, Saeed Qureshi, Iqbal Haider, Dr. Suleman, Masood Qazi, Noor Amrohi and Umar Abidi. The Mushaira was preceded by a sumptuous and multi-dishes dinner.
The second Mushaira categorized as the international Mushaira was held on April 29. It was held at Jack E Singly Auditorium in the city of Irving. It was perhaps for the first in the annals of local Mushairas and literary events that very few seats were vacant and the whole auditorium looked almost filled by the audience including families some of whom came with their children. The Mushaira was wholly sold out except the special invitees and VIPs who otherwise remain instrumental in prompting such literary and humanitarian causes.
Mr. Noor Amrohi himself conducted the proceedings of the second Mushaira with exceptional skill, commendable expertise and poise that he possesses in abundance for such literary assemblages. He is an eloquent speaker and dispensed his role in an entirely professional and graceful manner.
The International Mushaira continued almost until midnight. The audience remained glued to their seats to listen to the poetic compositions of the illustrious guest poets who enjoy international fame and distinction. They were all seasoned and exceptional celebrities in the realm of poetry and their participation is considered to be the touchstone for the success and brilliant image of such literary and poetic congregations,
The name of these luminaries from India are Santosh Anand, Malik Zada Javed and Mazar Bhopali. As already mentioned Madam Noshi Gillani came from Australia while famed literary figure Pirzada Qasim arrived from Pakistan. Mr. Khalid Irfan an illustrious and most sought after poet of humor came from New York. Dr. Shamsa Qureshi who is a local noted poetess and philanthropist presided over the Mushaira. It was also for the first time that a female member of the community was given the honor to preside over a Mushaira of international fame.   
The immense service and role of certain members of the community was acknowledged and highlighted in making these Mushairas a grand success. One such eminent name is Mr. Irfan Ali. He is a thorough gentleman and a sincere and truthful member of our community. I am proud to be his friend and for his being my mentor and guide.       

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