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Fabulous Urdu Mushaira hosted at the residence of Dr. Amir Suleman

May 14,2014

Reported by Saeed Qureshi

A heartwarming and intellectually stimulating Urdu Mushaira (poetry recital session) was held on the evening of May 13 at the residence of Dr. Amir Suleman. Most of the local poets were in attendance on this auspicious occasion. Dr. Amir lives in a palatial mansion with his gracious wife and wo young kids. He is the founder of the famous literary society known as “Urdu Ghar” in existence now for several years.

This enjoyable and thought -provoking sitting continued until midnight. The occasion was convened in honor of Dr. Taqi Abidi, a reputed and internationally known scholar and researcher on Urdu literature and poetry. Dr. Taqi enjoys the distinction of being the author of several books on various themes including the Urdu poetry and literature and its historical perspective.

Iqbal Haider a well-known poet with a marvelous background of having worked in Pakistan Television presided over the function. Eminent poets mostly members of the Urdu Ghar were the participants in the Mushaira. The poetry on the whole was soul stirring and the audience enjoyed it immensely. The Mushaira sitting was preceded by a sumptuous dinner. The food was plentiful and was excellent by way of variety of dishes and taste.

Dr. Amir and his wife have hosted many similar literary sittings at their house and each sitting leaves its pleasing mark on the guests who certainly aspire to be re-invited for the pleasant and homely atmosphere, cordiality and good will that Dr. Suleman and his honorable wife demonstrate to the invitees each time. One would expect that such literary gatherings would keep happening from time to time to keep the glow of literary culture of Urdu language alive.

The local poets who participated in the Mushaira are: Dr. Amir Suleman, Naheed Shad, Zohra Chishti, Farhan Syed, Masood Quazi, Mnazoor Quazi, Yunus Ijaz, Iqbal Haider and myself (the reporter)


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