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Rape and Molestation of Young Children in Pakistan

April 6, 2018
By Saeed Qureshi
 There is an unremitting flurry of gory incidents and happenings in Pakistan about the molestation of minor children both boys and girls. The most diabolic dimension of this most and despicable crime is that the heinous perpetrators not only dishonor, molest and rape the innocent and helpless children but either kill them to eliminate the evidence. If they deist from killing they frighten to retaliate if their victims tell anyone about that most insidious crime.
In 2015 a ring of satanic individuals in the Pakistan’s city of Kasur dishonored a staggering number of 280 very young boys and girls. How in a bustling city a group of devils had continued their diabolic activity is a question that intrigues and bludgeons the mind. The whole country had gone through state of shock and shame. Since Islam ordains three witnesses to prove the crime, they must have been left at large after some time.
It is yet to be seen how that how this tragedy and moral cataclysm of all times is going to be dealt with by the authorities in Pakistan. The whole country is in a state of grave shock and utter grief. There seems to be a callous lukewarm response from various official quarters that seem to be pushing this incident into a labyrinth of rules and regulations and eyewitnesses and so one.
A child at the stage of puberty or adolescence, not to speak of minor boys or girls of tender age have neither the sense nor the muscular power to withstand and resist to protect their honor.   Just feel their helplessness and utter lack of defense while surrounded by these human hounds forcing him or her to commit the sexual act. We have seen i with anger and tearful eyes in the video made by these devils the way rose like children being disrobed and tormented by foulest of means. 

During the past we have seen in the ghastly television clips, the dead bodies the tender female children between 5 to 10 years who died from sexual brutality of a street shopkeeper, a religious tutor of Qur'an or normal teacher in a school or roughneck thugs way-laying students going to or coming from school.  
Even there have been countless incidents in which a neighbor raped an innocent child who had come to meet his or her friend from the adjacent house. Due to the nature of disgusting act or for fear the children cannot disclose to their parents the ugly incident that would haunt them and hang on their mind for the rest of their lives.
The latest case that has been most painful, distressing and diabolic is that of Zainab who was not only raped but was killed to erase the evidence. Like Zainab and other countless minor girls and boy become victims of the savage rapists every now and then but cannot speak out for fear or the shame that is inherent in such ghastly incidents. The killer rapist as been caught and the Lahore High court awarded his
Zainab's rape and murder last month had sparked outrage and protests across the country after the six-year-old, who went missing on January 4, was found dead in a trash heap in Kasur on Jan
Imran Ali Naqshbandi, accused of the rape and murder of Zainab in Kasur, has confessed to raping and killing at least six other girls as well. Lahore High Court (LHC) against the verdict that handed him death penalty on four counts
Kasur district was previously at the center of a child sexual abuse scandal in which a gang of up to 25 men was accused of blackmailing scores of children into making sex videos between 2009 and 2014. The abuse was uncovered in 2015 and a number of suspects were arrested.
The most vulnerable among the children are those who   go or sent by their elders to nearby shopkeepers or vender for cigarettes, eatable or grocery or other similar depends upon the morality or conduct of the street shop-keepers and kiosk owners to call the buyer children inside the shop, close it for some time and do their satanic   crime. In many cases the child even may not be aware as what gross perfidy was done to her or him. The culprit may give them some sweets or cookies to keep quiet and secondly to come again for a satanic deal.
Several such incidents in which the heinous molesters were caught because of the news broken by the child or due to body injury or the death as a result of odious act. We have seen on the television that among those who were caught there were elderly and bearded white collared perpetrators.
Secondly for the young and innocent children who go to the house of neighbor also become the victim of molestation by a married or unmarried young boy or an adult. Those children who are sent to the house or school for after school time coaching also fall prey to rape and molestation by the male tutor. Such incidents are not reported by the perpetrators and the victims. However, in later part of the life some of the children may fall into the habit of passivity or by was homosexuality, company or dope and intoxicants. They may also turn into molesters as a matter of revenge or just by habit.
It is therefore imperative that the parents never send their boy or girls to corner kiosks or vender.  Nor should they send them alone or unmarried tutor for additional coaching after school hours. Even if such a tutoring is essential the wards and adult member of the family should escort them and wait by the side till such a coaching or tutoring is over.
It should also be ensured that a child is not alone at night as a guest with someone who is not close or nearly relative. It is absolutely imperative in case of young girls who can become the victim if such a barbarity even by a near relative or a friend or acquaintance.
While sending them to neighborhood vender should never been contemplated, also don’t send them to main markets alone for buying anything ranging from toys to meat or fruits and vegetables. Please never send your wards who are innocents to market place where they can fall victim to the lust and animal desire of anyone.
Also, if you want your children to be safe from the molestation and becoming victim of sexually pervert religious teacher. We are aware that many such despicable acts taken place in the residential religious school or hostels. At night the young boys become entirely at the mercy of bearded young or the middle-aged custodian or warden. These boys feel no compunction in what a religious instructor did to them. In return they do the same when some of them enter the religious realm and take charge of the food, education and custody of the children who are sent to such institutions either because of poverty or religious teachings and knowledge.
In the western societies particularly in the Scandinavian countries the homosexuality and marriage between the same sex is permissible. The gay community is protected by the law to do whatever they like to pursue by way of sex. In several countries including United states and United Kingdom, the gays and transgender person can join the army.
But the eastern societies with brand of Islam or religion shirk away from such pursuit which in the advanced and western societies is considered as the civil rights of an individual be it male or female they way they want to spend their lives. For transgenders there is no way-out to satisfy their carnal urges that meeting each other and indulge in pursuit of fulfilling their sexual urge.
We have read that in primitive societies the sex or courtship with males by the dominant individuals or even between the counterpart was rampant. This we know that many civilizations doomed who were in the habit of male prostitution by the divine curse or otherwise.
The young school boys who proceed for a sight-seeing, educational tours or the outdoor pleasure trips fall in the habit of homosexuality or become their victims of their guide from school and institutions. This can be exclusive to the male boys. As far girls there cannot be courtship between them but that liberty gives them to talk and indulge in activates less than actual intercourse. 
Lately the internet and cell phone has opened an unlimited and unremitting reservoir of sexual and carnal stuff and scenes and visuals to the whole generations whether, male, female, young of adult a minor boy or a girl. No check can be mounted on them by viewing that part of cell phone or even YouTube r other channels the naked bodies and even the gross sexual intercourse.
As such we should focus on inculcating a sense of caution and awareness among the young lot as to what was religiously and civilly permissible, what was right and what was wrong. What should be views in the cell phone and cassettes and videos. To give a cell phone to young boy or girl is sure recipe and blank permission to them to watch and even practice what they see by way of sexual activities in the internet outlets one of which is the cell phone.
it is imperative and urgent to award the maximum sentences and penalties to the perpetrators of molestation of the tender and young boys and girls. If the victim is alive let the culprit sent to the jail for a few years. In case of death and injury taking place or willful murder of the sexual victims, a summary trial and with full proof they should be either sent for life time sentence or sent to gallows. That is the only way to eliminate this most heinous crime of molesting young boys and girls who would be not only innocent and unaware of what was being done to them.
The civil society should come out up in arms and with an unremitting spell of protests and agitations till such time that not only these sex maniacs are sent to hell and a foolproof system is put in place for definitive stoppage of this loathsome crime and ensured retribution to the monstrous sex offenders. 

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