Thursday, June 7, 2018

Reham Khan’s Book About Imran Khan

June 7, 2018

By Saeed Qureshi

Imran Khan still youthful (65 years of age) looking person, the Chairman of PTI (Pakistan Tehrik Insaf) and a political icon of recent origin has been accused by at least two women for indecent sexual advances and immoral conduct. One is Gulalai and the other female is Reham Khan.

Imran Khan married three times. The first marriage was with Jemimah Goldsmith that lasted from 1995 to 2004. Two sons were born to them. The second marriage was with Reham Khan a British-Pakistani journalist which took place in 2015 and ended the same year. The third marriage is with Bushra Mania early this year.

The startling announcement by Reham Khan to publish a book on the moral misdeeds of Imran Khan, cannot be all humbug or falsehood or a kind of black mail or revenge. A woman who lived with Imran Khan as his wife for ten months (January 2015 to October 2015 must be having extensive information as to what were the daily chores and activities of her husband who otherwise is quite a popular political figure among the youth. It should also be reckoned as to why Reham came up with such a move against a powerful political figure of Pakistan.

It might be advisable for the supporters of Imran Khan just to wait and watch what next move Reham Khan is going to make. In the heat and heightened emotionalism and intense friction, the charged and indignant fans and party members of Imran Khan are bending over heavily backward and trying to prove Reham as a liar. They claim that she was indulging in a blame game at the behest of the political rivals of the PTI chairman to defame and discredit him and thus snatch the chance of winning elections for himself and the party that he heads.

Even otherwise it might not be possible for the PTI to gain majority either at the center or in the provincial elections. There can be an exception in Khyber Puhktoon Khawa but on the other fronts PTI may trail behind in face of politically much stronger opponents.

This move on the part of Reham Khan must be viewed in the backdrop of consistent and brutal defamation onslaught of Imran Khan and his colleagues and party members against Nawaz Sharif and his other family members. Nawaz Sharif has been the main target of the vilification of Imran Khan and his zealous cohorts for a prolonged period of time.

As a result of the bludgeoning and unremitting political offensive against him by PTI cohorts led by Imran Khan and joined by such political luminaries such as Sheikh Rashid, Nawaz Sharif, not only had to give up his post as the prime minister of Pakistan but went and still going through agonizing time because of the. By all reckoning Nawaz Sharif should be a much better family man as compared to Sheikh Rashid who is still a bachelor at the declining age of 67 years.

If Nawaz Sharif had to attend and defend himself and his family members before the judiciary, then the PTI chief can also challenge Reham Khan’s revelations by challenging her in a court of law. Merely dubbing her as a liar and conspirator wouldn’t work. The Blackberry phone that was taken away by Reham Kham may spill beans and unfold incriminating contents. The information and data contained therein might prove somehow Imran’s moral turpitude and a tendency to hook up the females for private sittings and exclusive parties.  That would be an entirely different scenario which may become quite damaging for Imran Khan personally and for his political career as well.

But it is not only Reham Khan who has unfurled the loose ends of the personality and character of Imran Khan. There is another female known as Ayesha Gulalai, a former member of the PTI making the same disclosures.  Gulalai had been a Member of the National Assembly of Pakistan from 2013 to May 2018.

On 1 August 2017, Ayesha Gulalai came forward with allegations of harassment against Imran Khan and claimed that she had been receiving offensive messages from him since October 2013. In an interview, Imran Khan said that he suspected that the Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) had used Gulalai against him to defame and discredit him. Later Ayesha Gulalai said that she would forgive Khan if he apologizes.

If Imran Khan can proceed against Reham Khan in a court of law then such action should also be taken against Gulalai. After all, both these ladies who had been having an image of respect and well-earned fame in Pakistan must not be both liars and conspirators against Imran Khan, the mighty chairman of PTI and with sizeable support and liking of vast potion of youth in Pakistan.

If Imran Khan’s unremitting blitz against PML and Nawaz family was justified and as a result of that they are being dragged in the courts, then Imran too should be prepared for such eventuality.  The charges of wayward behavior, lustful character, indecent and seductive conversation if proven against Imran Khan on the face, and particularly contained in the Blueberry phone, may turn out to be quite damaging for Imran Khan. Blue Berry seems to be a powerful weapon in the hand of Reham Khan.

If Imran Khan and his party members and friends try to block the publication of the book of Reham Khan then it would be tantamount to believe that there was some material or evidence that Imran, his fans and party workers want to hide and keep under the lid.

If the book is not allowed to be published by a court order then it would be a travesty of truth, justice and fair play. It might vividly establish than the courts were taking partisan stands in favor of Imran and his supporters. In the meantime, I have a lurking hunch that there could be more females who might come forward and add to the sleazy stuff that Reham Khan claims to be presenting in her book.

There can be two types of corruptions: one financial and the other moral. The moral turpitude, by all reckoning, is more damaging and dangerous than that of the financial. This is so because one can pay back the stolen funds and return the illicit money, but it would be utterly impossible to restore the lost honor and chastity of a female.

However, Imran Khan is a human being and human beings are prone to making mistakes and committing sins and blunders. If Imran Khan apprehends that there could be some damaging stuff in Reham Khan’s book or contained in the stolen Blackberry then he may, in anticipation, gracefully acknowledge those deviations and ask for forgiveness and this blitz might settle down. If he intends to face and counter those allegations then this bizarre situation might intensify and balloon further. 

Finally, we can say that all is fair in love and war and what goes around comes around. My prayers are that Imran Khan emerges out of this bizarre fiasco unscathed and the danger of his being banned from taking part in forthcoming elections is averted. There could be more serious legal consequences for him as well.


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