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In Praise of Chief Justice Mian Saqib Nisar

October 22, 2018

By Saeed Qureshi

Mian Saqib Nisar the 25th Chief Justice of Pakistan, delivered a soul stirring speech in Islamabad on October 22, before a symposium of legal community both domestic and foreign. In his emotionally delivered address he laid down, the parameters for an unalloyed system of dispensation of justice. He was quite emotional while emphasizing the dire need of fulfilling the fundamental parameters in handing out the verdicts. He emphasized the court decisions to be fair and justified for both the aggrieved and the violators of law. During the delivery of his historic address, he sounded emotional and thoroughly sincere.

In his latest address in Islamabad, on October 22, he spoke in national language of Pakistan after uttering a few words in English for the foreign delegates and the participants. It’s a praiseworthy display of true patriotism and manifestation of the spirit of nationalism. For the first time in the history of Pakistan, the swindlers and law breakers of all sorts, whom he called as the crocodiles are scared of him.

He has quoted examples of the esteemed caliphs Hazrat Umar and Hazrat Ali and resolved to follow in their footprints for shaping up a neat, clean and truly Islamic society in Pakistan. He resolved to safeguard the democratic culture and not allow anyone to derail democracy from now onwards. He discarded the concept of “Nazria Zaroorat” that would even justify even the imposing of martial law in Pakistan. He emphasized the inevitability of addressing the water sacristy challenges and to ensure the water conservation, reinforcing WAPDA and creation of lakes

I won’t be exaggerating if I state that after Quaid-e -Azam, if Pakistan is blessed with an absolutely honest man of authority it is the incumbent chief justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar. I am proud of him and so should be the people of Pakistan. He has been uncompromising on matters relating to Pakistan, He exhorted to be merciless to the criminals of all sorts, inter-alia, the looters and thugs who have been indulging in nepotism, massing wealth through questionable means and stashing in the foreign banks.

One can see in the person of Mian Saqib Nisar a kind of prototypes of the Muslim caliphs visiting public places, dispensing justice on the spots and sentencing those found guilty of any crime. Of late the honorable Chief Justice is seen at the public places, bazaars and in the government, offices. issuing orders for wrong doings or improvement of the system. He has launched a crusade for abundant and clean water, production of electricity, building of dames.

He has been seen in the public places as well as the government offices, checking the wrong doing and arresting the culprits on the spot.  Equipped with constitutional powers and authority of law, he can sentence the violators on the spot and thus create a scare among the law breakers miscreants including the corrupt bureaucrats, members of the assemblies and heads of such powerful ministries and offices as WAPDA, courts, schools, hospitals and the local government.

He is daring, thoroughly honest and totally committed to wipe off corruption and criminal activities from the land of Pakistan. Understandably he may not be able to cleanse the cobweb of corruption in the government offices and institutions entirely. Yet the initiative and the course that he is embarking upon would serve as a beacon and guideline for others to follow suite. He would set and leave noble examples of dispensing justice and fair-play to the criminals and law of al hues and shades.

Chief justice Nisar is a strong proponent of building dams, providing basic civic facilities and social inputs to the people of Pakistan. He wants dams and water reservoirs to be built for overcoming the dire scarcity of water for the people’s use, crops and agriculture. He emphasized that the conservation of water in dams was indispensable for producing electricity for industries, educational institutions and population.

He has waged a determined crusade against the corrupt yet powerful mafias and people and groups who usurped the national wealth through the foul and unfair means and stashed in foreign banks. He is one chief justice who doesn’t only talk but has put his heart and soul in catching the thugs, hoarders, and usurpers of the national wealth through bribery and manipulations and stashing the stolen money in dubious accounts abroad.

In his invaluable, vital and ground-breaking address, he has emphasized on the legal community to deliver justice with a clean conscience and in the fairest manner to the victims and their perpetrators within the parameters of the law. The incumbent Chief Justice of Pakistan is thoroughly, honest, daring and committed to the nation building institutions. As an honest and a true patriot, he has challenged the status quo with a mission to shape up Pakistan as a developed modern country.

It is my firm belief that under chief justice Mian Saqib Nisar, a new great state of Pakistan is destined to emerge.  The culture of corruption and malfunctioning of state institutions, is going to be bridled sooner than alter. The flight of the stolen wealth through foul means would be halted. A political culture based upon honesty and fair play and distribution and protection of national wealth be premised on accountable and honest foundations. The water would be sufficiently conserved through new dams and lakes both for agricultural utilization and human consumption.

The fundamental rights would be given to the people, the courts would dispense justice on the basis of facts and merits and so on. Pakistan thus can get respect and dignity in the comity of nations. Well that would be the beginning of a corruption- free Pakistan, proper functioning of the democratic and the state building institutions to be run on sound and honest foundations. The Chief Justice Mian Squib Nisar took the oath of the prestigious office of on December 31st 2016. He would retire on January 17, 2019. He was nominated by prime minister Nawaz Sharif. Hopefully, he might get an extension and allowed to continue for another term.

Hopefully in another year that he would be the chief justice, Pakistan must have been rectified to a great extent and malfunctioning of the nation building institutions could be bridled. It is my wish hope that when retired Main Saqib can be elected as the president of Pakistan. Thus, he would still keep serving Pakistan and its people with absolute honesty, spirit of dedication and unflinching integrity and honesty.



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