Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Speech at the United Nations General Assembly Forum was Patriotic and Historic

September28, 2019
By Saeed Qureshi

During his seven days visit to the United States, Prime Minister Imran Khan addressed the 74th session of the United Nations General Assembly on September 27. He spoke for 52 minutes over almost 40 issues. Yet the issues that he emphasized and that were most important were Kashmir, Islamophobia, the bilateral relations between Pakistan and India, the climate change, the rampant corruption and money laundering from poor countries to the rich countries by wealthy and the rich robber barons including the politicians and business tycoons.
One is reminded that in a similar situation in 1971, the then Pakistan’s prime minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto tore his speech and walked out of the session of the Security Council. The Security Council members stalled the debate over Bangladesh separation movement aided militarily by India and then Russia. Mr. Bhutto tore the papers in his hand and walked out by saying that he “would not like to sit in a council which was biased against Pakistan”.
Prime Minister Imran Khan emphatically lamented that the United Nations lacks will to force Modi government to lift a barbaric and prolonged Martial law to keep the nine million Kashmiris confined to their houses now for 54 days by 9000 Indian armed soldiers spread all over.  Prime Minister called Modi a murderer of the Muslims, a Hindu racist and a fanatic. The business centers and educational institutions have been closed ever since the imposition of the inhuman martial law.  
Imran Khan compared Modi with Hitler and Italian Prime minster Mussolini who were the upholder of racial supremacy over other European races. Although ultimately, they had a miserable end with Germany defeated on all fronts including the Russians resistance. But those devastating wars were the outcome of the racist mindset of diabolic persons in which millions of people in Europe and Russia perished.
Altogether he had some 50 meetings during his visit to the United States. In his meeting with Antonio Guterres, the Secretary General of the United Nations he underscored the responsibility of the world body to take urgent steps to save lives in Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir dispute.
In his meeting with president Trump and the secretary of State Mike Pompeo,  the prime minister discussed and raised emergent issues that concern the stability of Pakistan, peace in the region including Iran versus Saudi Arabia, peace in Afghanistan, and in the Indian subcontinent.
Imran Khan’s visit has revived a genre of thoughtful diplomacy that adequately serves the interests of Pakistan, peace with the neighbors and beyond of the Islamic world. He offered even to solicit between Iran and the United States for peace in the region.
In his press conference Imran Khan explained how the term Islamophobia was being misused and exploited by the enemies of Islam. He conveyed to the American leadership that while Pakistan eliminated the terrorists in Pakistan and helped United States in Afghnistan in her war against the terrorists and even Taliban, in return after 9/11 the Islamic world was held responsible for the 9/11 attack. He lamented that even the suicidal attacks by religious militants were related to Pakistan.
The prime minister argued that Pakistan had been helping United States in her prolonged war in Afghanistan. He said that 70000 Pakistanis lost their lives in the aftermath of the 9/11 happening at the hands of indigenous terrorist organizations one of which was Taliban. Pakistan had to suffer for her support to the United States in Afghanistan and that infuriated the Taliban and indigenous religious outfits who turned on Pakistan with a vengeance and killed the people of Pakistan over a prolonged period of time.
In his press conference he categorically announced that Modi was a small person, a habitual liar and enemy of the Muslims living in India and elsewhere. Imran said that Modi was the murderer of the minority sects in Gujrat.
He questioned that when the 90000 Kashmiris will come out what would be situation? He expressed his deep concern that there would be a mayhem and massacre of the Kashmiri Muslims. He declared that if there was a war between India and Pakistan on Kashmir 
Pakistan would not remain aloof and fight back on all fronts.
He said that as the holocaust pains both Jews and Christians, similarly the Muslims are tormented when Islam’s prophet Muhammad were degraded by the opponents of Islam

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