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The Sex Beasts of Kasur

August 12, 2015
By Saeed Qureshi
The revealing of a ring of satanic individuals in the Pakistan’s city of Kasur dishonoring a staggering number of 280 very young boys and girls is deplorable and reprehensible. How in a bustling city a group of devils had continued their diabolic activity is a question that intrigues and bludgeons the mind. The whole country is a state of shock and shame.

In a country named Islamic Republic of Pakistan and where a little short of 180 millions Muslims live and where the countless religious demagogues every moment exhort the people to become good Muslims and have chaste conduct,this wickedness is mind boggling. How should we interpret the futility of the holistic talks and fiery and frightening sermons delivered in countless religious seminaries and mosques all over the country?

If in a city of Kasur which carries a hallow of spirituality because of the saint Baba Farid Shakarganj such a huge number of the innocent children can be raped in dens and cells what could be the projections of such heinous and barbaric going on in other cities of Pakistan? It means that the so called protectors of the honor, life and property of the citizens were either in leagues with these beasts or were utterly negligent in their prime responsibility of curbing the crime including rape all the more with defenseless children. 

A child at the stage of puberty or adolescence, not to speak of  minor boys or girls of tender age have neither the sense nor the muscular power to withstand and resist to protect their honor.   Just feel their helplessness and utter lack of defense while surrounded by these human hounds forcing him or her to commit the sexual act. We have seen i with anger and tearful eyes in the video made by these devils the way rose like children being disrobed and tormented by foulest of means. 

During the past we have seen in the ghastly television clips, the dead bodies the tender female children between 5 to 10 years who died from sexual brutality of a street shopkeeper, a religious tutor of Qur'an or normal teacher in a school or roughneck thugs way-laying students going to or coming from school.  

Even there have been countless incidents in which a neighbor raped an innocent child who had come to meet his or her friend from the adjacent house. Due to the nature of disgusting act or for fear the children cannot disclose to their parents the ugly incident that would haunt them and hang on their mind for the rest of their lives.

In the United States, it is unthinkable that a teacher both male and female can touch the body of a student. The adult students of either sex may have their unions and hang outs but for an adult even to talk to a student about sex is unthinkable. 

If caught the offender can go straight to jail and if proven guilty spends years in jail. When freed he is not allowed to live in the normal neighborhoods and has to report his activities to the local police on a specified day or time. Some rapists are manacled with a bracelet that exposes them as a molester.

This procedure applies also to an act of forcible sex by a male adult with a female even his wife. The pictures of the sex offenders are published by local magazines and placed on the counters of the big consumer stores. There is no way that a fugitive or runaway rapist or molester can hide himself for a long time and he is ultimately caught and direly punished.

Now compare that system of justice with Pakistan and other Islamic countries. The people in the middle east prefer to marry with girls of tender age even as young as 7-9 years and not with one bride but with multiple women who should be virgin and chaste. The women in Arabic seeking countries are treated as chattels and private maid servants to be sacked and divorced after certain time to be replaced with others on any price.

If Islam ordains having no more than four wives at a time then keeping a horde of women in the confines of Harem or palace purely for enjoyment is sheer shameful and outright infringement of the Islamic injunctions about marriage. The practicing Muslims have been promised countess beautiful women called Houris and young boys with enticing physiques in the paradise. In paradise limitless sex would be at hand.

Male prostitution is widely practiced in the Middle East that has been rife throughout the history. Even in Qur'an male sex offenders have been warned and advised to desist from this most abominable act but who cares for the divine admonition. Prophet Abraham and his nephew Lot’s nation was immersed in male prostitution and according to the scriptures were destroyed by God.

In the United States the same sex marriages have been allowed in certain states but that is under the canopy of law and subject to dire conditions. But after all it is a heathen society. So in a way both male and female partnership has been legitimized by law.  

Yet a similar custom is in practice in the northern tribal areas of Pakistan and also in Afghanistan. There are proper marriages taking place between a young tender boy (called Lakhtai in Pushtu dialect) and the tribal chief or Sardar. The ceremony of this most reprehensible bond is observed with lot of fan fare while the chief takes away the boy as a partner.

In Pakistan’s neighboring country of Afghanistan this despicable lustful obsession is the order of the day. It is said that no one minds if two adults engage into a sex bout as it is neither treated unethical nor un-Islamic but a permissible tradition for ages now.

It is yet to be seen how that how this tragedy and moral cataclysm of all times is going to be dealt with by the authorities in Pakistan. The whole country is in a state of grave shock and utter grief. There seems to be a callous lukewarm response from various official quarters that seem to be pushing this incident into a labyrinth of rules and regulations and eyewitnesses and so one.

The civil society should come out up in arms and with an remitting spell of protests and agitations till such time that not only these sex maniacs are sent to hell and a foolproof system is put in place for definitive stoppage of this loathsome crime and ensured retribution to the monstrous sex offenders

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