Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Dallas Fort Worth Roads Need Quality Repair and Regular Maintenance

September 24, 2018

By Saeed Qureshi

There is a vast network of the highways and smaller roads in DFW for traveling. One can see the Texas State Highway 121 and George Bush Turnpike built in the near past keeping inter cities traveling fast, easy and convenient. These additional facilities are great boon to streamline and ensure the easy flow of the commuters.

However, the standard of repairs of the roads in the DFW Metropolis is patently quite rough and risky. We have experienced that occasionally while exiting or entering, the vehicles go astray and fall from one surface to another because of variation in level of surface between them. Thus, a kind of upward or downward jerk is experienced which are certainly unpleasant and irritating and can cause accidents.

It appears that not much of attention is given to the selection of the right and professionally competent and experienced parties and firms to build or repair the mauled highways and normal roads. I wonder that in the United States where merit, competence and expertise is the touchstone in services, such a gross negligence is being shown in providing good and well-maintained roads.

As such, the cost of repair goes higher because of the persistent daily erosion of the surface of the tires by the ditches, holes and pointed corners of the eroded places. As daily traveling on roads with rough and eroded surface not only causes earlier wear and tear of the wheels but also causes mental shocks to the drivers due to slow driving and persistent jumping and jerks. A few years back such surface erosion and potholes were witnessed on the small street roads, but now these can be seen on the highways, freeways, and intercity roads.

During the rains, the situation gets worse and more problematic. The rain water deposited in the cleavages and holes gets splashed and falls on the vehicles’ bodies and frames. The roads that are resurfaced, a new layer is placed on these  or a ditch is filled remain uneven and therefore, cause jerks and jumping of the vehicles up and down and sideways. If the respective City and County administrations and the departments take a survey of the highways and city roads, they would find countless such faults and uneven sections.

Some time back I wrote another article after the completion of the Georg Bush Turnpike. I had noticed that some sections and portions of that magnificent Turnpike didn’t have smooth tracts at many places. Countless other commuters must have noticed and suffered the jerks on the uneven sections by traveling on that highway regularly or occasionally. Mercifully some of the sections were later resurfaced and their level brought even with the even portions.

The counties and the city administrations should survey and ensure that the filling or leveling work was perfect and in accordance with the book and laid down regulations. Besides, the edges and linings of the roads need to be straightened and smoothened. At countless places the big and small roads need to have straight and leveled sidelines. Rather such inspections and surveys should be done periodically to ensure smoothness and proper level of the roads and to be without holes or cavities. These groups should also identify and report defects of unevenness, jagged surfaces and potholes.

The City, and the County administrations and the municipalities charge various kinds of taxes and fees for a variety of services such as the civic and municipal comforts and good roads. The taxes and duties can be increased if the level of facilities like providing hassle-free roads for smooth traveling are improved.

In this regard dire and immediate attention should be given to the jumbled-up and narrow roads in the so-called Down Towns where traveling and driving is nothing short of a nightmare at day time. The citizens have to come to these Down Towns for a variety of pressing chores, particularly those who have to attend the court hearing and other offices for a variety of chores and unavoidable tasks.  The downtown of Dallas Texas and that of Fort Worth are awful examples of the difficulties that the commuters have to face every day.

The writer is a senior journalist, former editor of Diplomatic Times and a former diplomat.

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