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September 10, 2018

By Saeed Qureshi
It would be an unrealistic expectation that Imran Khan has a magic wand which he would wave and things would start improving. Nevertheless, under his leadership sooner than later, Pakistan would be embarking on the road to an overall progress and prosperity. Hopefully, the state building institutions would be washed of all or most of the dysfunctional aspects and sleazy contours which have been there in the Pakistan society and state ever since its creation in 1947. 

Granted that Imran Khan is a leader of his mettle and is absolutely sincere, a true patriot and embodiment of the commendable leadership qualities. Yet the challenges and tasks that he is faced with are also unusual, tricky, stupendous and extraordinary. As a matter of fact, he needs a prolonged space of time and planning and absolutely honest and committed team to fulfil his dream and mission of putting Pakistan in the comity of the developed and prosperous nations. I reckon that to fulfil this gigantic task and accomplish massive undertaking, he needs to win the next term and to remain at the helm for another five years.  If he leaves half way, the Himalayan goal which he is aiming at, cannot be accomplished in a single term of five years.

Granted that he is blessed with unconditional and voluntary support and unstinted cooperation from the armed forces as well as the superior judiciary. Nevertheless, one has to also look at the ground conditions that would prove to be hazardous and rather complex to be streamlined in a limited period of five years. It is not to doubt or underestimate his integrity, ability and resolve to catch the bull of misrule by horn. Still there might be unforeseen roadblocks and unexpected challenges that might be difficult to overcome in a short period of time.

He would find himself between the proponents of a secular state with religion confined to the personal level and those who may want the revival of the State of Medina, in the present times. He has already made this pledge and let us watch how he can turn Pakistan into a replica of the state of Medina established by the Prophet of Islam Hazrat Muhammad(pbuh) in 622 CE after his migration from Mecca to Medina.   

As a matter of fact, what he meant by establishing the state of Medina it is to revive and enforce the character and qualities of the Muslims in those blessed eras. There cannot be any comparison between the prophet of Islam and any head of an Islamic state. Yet what the Muslims have to do is to follow as far possible the tradition, the sublime life of the prophet and the tenets and beliefs on which he established the State of Medina. When Imran Khan aims at taking a cue from the contours of the state of Medina, he means by it the morality, integrity, truthfulness, honesty, spirit of sacrifice and unity to be imbibed by the Muslims and leaders.

The state of Medina also takes care of the minorities with regard to their rights and obligations, grant of equal status, and their security at the same time. But even if the real replica of state of Medina cannot be established, and Imran Khan succeeds in attaining that pristine goal by a fraction, Pakistan would move forward as a stable and righteous country among the comity of nations and would be respected for clean society and efficient and honest administration.

We all know what is the dream, plan, and manifesto of Imran Khan. He has unfolded his far-reaching reforms and milestone agenda in his August 19 inaugural victory speech. In that momentous maiden address, he categorically spelled out his vision and momentous mandate to restructure Pakistan and bring it in the comity of developed nations. He wants to attain and earn international support, respect and dignity for Pakistan. It would be fruitful for the people of Pakistan to go through his charter of reforms and ponder how groundbreaking and revolutionary these are.

His agenda for a new Pakistan consists mainly 27programs or reforms that are essentially far-reaching and innovative.  Even if a part of this agenda is implemented, a new prosperous, truly democratic and stable Pakistan is believed to emerge. That Pakistan may earn respect in the comity of nations. Pakistan, with Imran Khan as the prime minister, may not only emerge as a dignified state but hopefully, would have peaceful and friendly relations with neighboring’ countries mainly India, Iran and Afghanistan without bargaining Pakistan’s vital national interests.

It should be taken for granted that Imran Khan is thoroughly honest. He cannot be blackmailed or bribed. He is fearless, and undaunted. He is truly a patriot who loves Pakistan and the nation from the core of his heart. He is just an opposite of most of leaders who remained at the helm of power. The essential and sublime tradition of accountability, has been for the first time implemented, without any discrimination and fear or favor. If this ruthless and across-the-board accountability culture continues unabated, Pakistan would be ridden off the criminals and corrupt individuals and leaders. At the same time, it would have a salutary and positive impact on the integrity and honest functioning of the state building institutions.

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